Story of my life

This blog was created a few years ago as an alternative to what people around me at the time kept asking for: “Write a BOOK!” The more I thought about it, the bigger the project seemed, and I gave up the idea.
I know how to write an article, but I don’t have the time, patience or knowledge to write a book, as that is something entirely different. Structuring it, remembering things in the right, chronological order, seemed like a neverending story that I would end up not finishing. I know myself that much.

But, the topic came up again recently and I decided that this is something that will keep bothering me as unfinished business if I don’t go ahead and freaking DO IT.

So I contacted a guy who’s already written his own rock’n’roll biography (“RockStar-wannabe”) and has left a genuine impression as a person who truly loves music and enjoys writing. If I’m ever gonna do this, it will have to be with the help of a ghostwriter. So that’s where he got into the picture. I wanted to know if he would even be interested in taking part in a project like that.

We met up in a hotel restaurant/bar yesterday, as that is the only place in town that is suitable for a professional discussion (without all the noise and drunks). We ended up talking for over 3 hours and he was late for a release party he was supposed to go to. Ooops!

Apart from needing help from someone else to write this, I also wanted to check if the personal chemistry was okay, because I can’t work with someone I can’t stand or who in any way is getting on my nerves. And I can be a bit difficult with that sometimes, I have to admit.

Luckily, I felt perfectly comfortable and didn’t have any problems bringing up different topics that I normally wouldn’t with a “perfect stranger”. That’s a good sign. In other words, the test was successful, it will work with the chemistry and that’s a huge part of all this.

What remains to be answered is… WHO am I writing it for? I don’t even know – cause I know for a fact that it’s not just hardcore metalheads that are reading this blog. I’ve got people who know very little about hard rock, who enjoy reading this, so that makes it hard to answer the question “Who is your target audience?”
– Let me know who you are, and also what it is you like about this blog.

The second question was, how much of myself am I willing to give away and what’s the purpose of the book? Man, I never even thought in those terms. It’s obvious I need someone’s help for sure!

I only thought of it as “my story” to inspire others to follow their dreams. Miracles happen if you only believe. You don’t have to be the stereotype that people expect you to be. In my case it was, as usual, people thinking that because you’re female in a male-dominated world, you’re just there to screw some dude with a guitar. Never been my deal. I guess I would like to tell my story to other girls, let them know that you don’t need to do anything you’re not comfortable with, to find your place in this rock’n’roll circus.

But people want the “dirt”. Would I be willing to tell juicy stories about rock stars? I don’t think I would. I’ve always been telling stories, but never crossed that invisible line for what I felt was okay to tell. I haven’t “outed” anyone for their drug use or groupie sessions, I don’t want to make myself a name by dragging someone else’s name through the mud. That’s not what I’m about either.

Whatever has happened behind the scenes throughout the years is stuff that I’ve seen and heard because people trusted me. And I’m not so sure I want to break that trust.

Which once again leaves me with the question – without the dirt, is there even any point writing this? Are people okay with just the funny anecdotes? Or does it really have to be dragged through the mud to be interesting?

Please let me know your thoughts by commenting here below or PM/comment on my Facebook page: 

I’ve lived in the rock’n’roll world my whole adult life, I’ve done everything from writing to singing, starting rock clubs, doing radio, TV, band/artist management, DJ’ing and anything else that came along that felt like a fun challenge. I’ve travelled the world and seen bands in every continent. I’ve met and talked to most of the classic rock stars, from Kiss, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Ozzy, Whitesnake, Dio, Aerosmith, you name it…. Some artists have become good personal friends, and all in all, this IS my life. I’ve lived it since the day I discovered heavy metal in my parent’s living room back in 1983!

People kept telling me “write a book”. Well – it’s in the making. I’m open for your thoughts and suggestions – what would you want to read, what would trigger you to buy a book from a female rock journalist and rock fan? :) Let me know!

From Neil Daniel’s book “All Pens Blazing” where I’m one of the featured rock journalists:

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