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Wine, whiskey and rock’n’roll!

I just celebrated my “alternative” Valentine’s Day. Filled up the tub with red “Jelly baff” which turns water to little jelly beads, that creates a really cool tickling feeling when the water moves. It comes in different colors and of course, I figured red was an appropriate color. Blinkar

Got in the tub and poured myself a glass of red MOTORHEAD Shiraz-wine… in a red glass.
That’s all the Valentine’s “reds” I needed. Röda läppar

 Lemmy’s wine tastes great and I love the cool bottle! I’ve been stashing up cool rock’n’roll wines lately. I found some of them here in Sweden, such as the ELVIS-wines. Some had to be ordered (but it was a quick delivery, I got it three days later) and some was already in the store.

A few weeks ago, I ordered the limited edition RANDY RHOADS wine and didn’t think much of it. Until I remembered one small detail….customs.

I emailed the Swedish customs and asked about the laws regarding private import of wine. They told me that I was not allowed to order any kind of alcohol from the United States unless it was through an approved agent. It was okay to bring it into the country yourself, if you have it in your checked-in bag, but it wasn’t allowed to have it shipped to Sweden.

So I stopped the shipment and had them send it to my friend Blackie in Nashville. I’ll be going there sooner or later this year anyway, I’ll just pick it up next time I go.
I want the KISS-wines too. Some of them are expensive as hell, others more reasonable prices.
So many cool collectibles. I wouldn’t want to drink it, I just want it for the bottle! The Lemmy wine is okay, cause I bought a box of 6 bottles and I can always get more if I want. But the Randy Rhoads-wine is one of those things that I just want to keep.

And there’s just tons of cool stuff out there. MARILYN MANSON’S Absinthe “Mansinthe”, VINCE NEIL’s wines and tequilas, all kinds of other interesting brands – Mick Fleetwood, Cliff Richard, Foghat, Rolling Stones….. You name it.
I would love to start collecting all this stuff, but it’s difficult because of customs and all the rules. It’s not something I can just buy on eBay. It’s more of a project, but not impossible. Guess I can have it sent to my friends in the States and then bring it home, a little at a time. :)
I was going to post links to all those wines in case anyone was interested in buying or finding out more, but why not just Google it! :))
I’m going to have another glass of Motorhead Shiraz and go to bed.
What could be better for dozing off than a good, red rock’n’roll wine!