I haven’t even presented this blog properly. I was a bit “thrown off the wagon” by the news about Gary Moore’s death, but better late than never.

Those of you who have even found this blog, already know who I am and have most likely already read my blogs on MySpace for a while.

But there might be more people visiting this along the way, so I might as well introduce myself.


I’m just not sure what title I should use. There are a few. J Music fan? Absolutely. That’s where it all started, that’s what got the whole circus rolling and it STILL keeps it rolling. Reporter? Yes – I’ve been writing about hard rock since 1988, met every hair metal band and NWOBHM-band there is, and then some. Been to thousands of concerts all over the world, lost track of how many. It’s a huge passion, something I’ll never get tired of.


Been singing in bands and as a solo-artist, you’ll find my cover of Savatage’s  Summer’s Rain” on youtube if you search for “Summer’s Rain” and Daniela. Done radio. TV. Managing bands, arranged the rock club Hard Break. Rock-DJ… I’m sure there are more fancy titles I can add to that list, but let’s just call it “music fan” to simplify things.


Music is the greatest love of my life and this blog will be about…. Rock’n’roll.

Subscribe if you want, drop me a line if you feel like it at


I guess that’s enough for now. Welcome and let’s see where this goes! J

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