In bed with VIXEN (part 2)

Roxy: You’re into MEN now??
Share: He’s not a man, he’s a rock’n’roller!

Found the Vixen-interview “part two”, the one with the stupid questions. :-)

I actually had a lot of fun with those stupid questions. The artists did too, it gave them an opportunity to just relax for a second and laugh a bit instead of constantly repeating the same thing about their new album or tour or commenting on some rumor, whatever it happened to be at the time.

You know, the sort of thing where people ask “…so Ozzy, did you really bite the head of a bat on stage?” or “…so, Bruce, what’s it like to be back in Iron Maiden?”.

You get the idea. The same sort of thing that every other rock-mag is going to write about too for months.

ROXY AND SHARE (VIXEN) Copenhagen 1990
The “Stupid Questions”
[the trailer they’re doing in the beginning was for my show on Radio MCB]

Listen on Posterous

The “stupid questions” was a way to lighten things up a bit and it always worked. The Vixen girls were laughing, David Coverdale was pretty serious but gave really interesting answers. Either way, it’s something I’m glad worked so well every time. :)

I was digging through piles and piles of old cassettes last night. Found interviews I even forgot I ever did…! I was happy to find the one with Arerosmith’s Joe Perry that I did back when “Pump” was released. There’s a pretty funny story behind that one too, just goes to show how much I really wanted to do what I was doing, interviewing all those people, no matter how or when or where.

I was just a kid when I did most of these “In The Rearview Mirror”-interviews, and when I listen to some of those conversations now it’s amost embarrassing, but it was an important part of my journey. Without those experiences, I wouldn’t still be here today.

We’ll see how much of those 20 year-old cassettes that I can save and turn into mp3’s before they get ruined. You’ll be the first to know. :-) 

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