Almost time for GRASPOP 2011!

Got my invitation to the Graspop Metal Meeting 2011 (Belgium) today. 
I had a wonderful time at that festival last year. It is one of the most well organized festivals I’ve ever attended, everything was like a breeze compared to many other places.

I got lost backstage the first day, had no idea where I was, just a bunch of trucks everywhere and I needed to get to one of the stages to see the band that was playing since I was supposed to write a review. I got help from two guys who were working in one of the backstage bars who escorted me all the way out to the area I was trying to find. Talk about service! :)

The crew knew what they were doing, were well informed, happy to help, the schedule was right on time, even for the signings and other things. The backstage area was nice and clean, easy to find your way around, no MUD (like for instance at Sweden Rock or Sonisphere) because it’s built up like an old western village with wooden floors to walk on.

Well equipped portakabins with air conditioning and cooler filled with cold soda and beer. Fantastic catering food, great selection of foods and drinks, and a nice, positive atmosphere altogether. Even the toilets were fresh, something that I’ve learned never to count on at festivals.
So I’m looking forward to attending it this year.

Last year I was there with Jon Oliva’s Pain. The band was very popular in Belgium, got invited two years in a row, went from festival tent to festival main stage.

Sadly, that was most likely the last time. Guitarist Matt LaPorte died in his sleep only a few days ago, leaving many in shock and grief. Who knows what the future holds for Jon and the band.

This year will host bands such as Whitesnake, Ozzy, Firewind, Judas Priest, Scorpions and more. A great lineup.

JON OLIVA’S PAIN @ Graspop 2010 (started filming from the stage, then realized it wasn’t a good angle…)

SLASH GRASPOP 2010 (view from the side of the stage, a few of us from the JOP-camp went up there to watch Slash do his thing):

Slash @ Graspop 2010 (stage view)

View from the general festival area and merchandise-area:



GRASPOP 2010 – with Jon Oliva’s Pain (also known as JOP):



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