Roadtrip to Sweden Rock – and getting LOST…!

Felt very stressed out when I woke up this morning. Just so much negativity, too many bad news and strange feelings, I had to get out of the house to stop the thoughts from spinning in my head. Called a few friends, wanted to just see a friend, talk, laugh, have an ice cream or something, enjoy the beautiful weather with someone. But they were busy with other things, so I wasn’t a first priority today. It happens.

Well, I’ve never been one to sit around and whine – so I got in my “spider-car” and decided to go for a road trip on my own.

Whereto? I had no idea when I stopped at the gas station, but on my way to the motorway, I knew where I wanted to go. The SWEDEN ROCK FESTIVAL area!
It’s more than a month until the festival, but I was curious to see what it looked like on a regular day. Besides, it was a beautiful sunny day, would be a shame to waste it!


It’s a 2-hour drive up to the festival, and it was great. The sun was shining, everything was green, there were horses and cows out there, and a beautiful blue sky with white, fluffy clouds. I found a radio station that played country music, and it kind of felt very appropriate.
Country music is a little bit like “Easy rider” – roadtrip+country, yeah, worked great.


I could feel the stress leaving me, thank god. Sometimes I just need to get away from everything. Driving is one of the most relaxing things I can think of – a road and a destination, that’s all I need to feel happy.


Got to the festival area, there were others there who had come up with the same idea as me, there was a German van for instance, and two rocker-guys walking around on the empty field. Next time I go there, there will be stages, a backstage area, food stands, merchandise and thousands of people there. It was nice to see it like this too – the calm before the storm! 

Stopped by the hotdog-place where I almost always stop when I’m at Sweden Rock, it’s about 20 minutes down the road. But on the way home, I was singing to a CD just enjoying being in the car, when suddenly, I realized that I hadn’t been paying attention.
I was LOST! Had no idea where the h…. I was.


Unbelievable! I’ve been driving down that same road a hundred times, back and forth, since 1995 – EVERY single YEAR, I know it in my SLEEP! And I somehow managed to get lost?! Jesus Christ, don’t ever hire me to drive your tour bus. You could end up pretty much anywhere.


Instead of going to Malmo, I found myself going to Helsingborg, losing about an hour… But that’s okay, only more “adventure”, if you choose to look at it that way.


Just got home. Can’t wait for the summer festivals, I hope that time passes quickly.

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