A band worth checking out

Here’s a band you should definitely check out: Amaranthe, a fairly new band that plays…. well, it’s kind of difficult to categorize what they do, maybe deathpop/technometal – or make up your own word for it. 
I don’t think there is a typical category for this band and that is exactly what I love about them.

The first time I heard Amaranthe was when I went to Gothenburg last year to say hi to my friend Hanneke, the light tech, she was out on the Kamelot-tour. She was doing lights for Amaranthe as well that night, and I remember how I was standing there thinking “oh well, some opening act… Opening acts usually suck…”
But it didn’t take more than a few minutes before the band had my full attention.

I was blown away by Elize, she had one HELL of a voice, it could blow off the roof!
Very few people can sing like that live and hit every single note, crystal clear.
She was amazing, no doubt about it. I loved the unique concept of three vocalists that are total contrasts, yet it works perfectly.

[My highly illegal footage from that show ;P Maybe not the best song but the best clip qualitywise]

Jake’s clean vocals, Andy’s growl, and Elize’s strong clear voice, each and every one makes a perfect fit in every song… – needless to say, I was floored! The songs were great, the quality of the vocalists and the musicians was high, and they dared to bring something new and unique to the table.

 After that, I went straight to their MySpace-page and added them (http://www.myspace.com/amaranthemetal ).

Now – a year later, they just released their self titled debut album. That was only a few months ago – and it freaking ROCKS!

I went to Gothenburg to do an interview with the band for Sweden Rock Magazine not too long ago. Had a really good talk, damn nice guys – I probably would have stayed there a lot longer if it hadn’t been for the fact that my sister was there too and I didn’t want to bore her (she’s not a metalhead).

Got a great interview but the deadline for the article was the next day and what ended up in the mag was next to nothing, which was total bad luck, but it happens.

People love to hate this band, the old school metalheads have a hard time accepting this kind of  crossover style, just the way everybody hated Van Halen’s Jump” when it first came out. Today, it’s a classic. Somebody had to be first.

I think it’s brave and damn cocky to do this and then handle the critics with a smile. Very cool in my book. *horns up*

Amaranthe are now out on the road with Kamelot again, so if you’re out in Europe somewhere wondering if it’s worth checking out – it IS.
And hopefully, if it can be arranged, I’m hoping to do a video interview with the band, cause I think that their journey has only just begun. We’ll see what happens.

And now – check them out:


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