The mysterious Blackie Lawless tape

For most of my interviews and press conferences, I at least have a clue where and when it is from.

But I found THIS Blackie Lawless press conference on an unmarked cassette and quite honestly, I don’t recognize any of the things Blackie Lawless is talking about there. I don’t know WHERE it is, WHEN it was recorded or anything. A total mystery. I’m sure I will find more interviews like that. I used to just record interviews, use them for a transcript and then forget about them. I didn’t always write the necessary info on the tapes…. :(

Here’s a 30-minute treat for all you W.A.S.P-fans out there, maybe you guys can figure out where/when this is from. :)

Listen on Posterous


  1. Daniela

    If it’s ’92, then it must be from the Monsters of Rock, Donington, England. Would make sense too because he’s talking about being in a “support situation”, and that’s what W.A.S.P was that year. Iron Maiden headlined it 1992. I’ll have to double check just to make sure. :)

  2. Laurel

    Sounds like press release of THE CRIMSON IDOL.I do have a copy of a photo,stating it was taken at the release of CRIMSON IDOL.Blackie is talking about the story.There is an interveiw done by MTV,in 1991 where he is talking about the editing of this.Thanks,great find.:)

  3. Laurel

    I reposted the link through to my page as i have Johnny Rod who played on this.He may pick up the link.

  4. Daniela

    It would have to be something that I attended, because this is something that I recorded (it’s not something that I found that is someone else’s, just to clarify). :-)But when you’ve been to a bunch of press conferences through the years, you end up confusing one from another if you don’t mark the tapes (which I haven’t always been good at…). I think it would make sense that this is from Monsters of Rock Donington cause Crimson Idol was released in June 1992 and Donington took place August 1992.

  5. Laurel

    HI.I managed to replay this in full.Wow,this did answer something for me.I believe (no proof),he could be speaking of the sad passing of fellow musican Robin Crosby.I didn’t know of Robin’s passing for awhile.I live in a different country.I also believe this took so much out of him,he was hospitalised over it.It is a pure gem.What he speaks of in it,still haunts him to-day.The death of Micheal Jackson,Elvis,Marilyn Monroe,Princess Diana,Heath Ledger (aussie actor),the toll it takes.Aussie actor Guy Pearce speaks of fame like this to.He still has a deep seated fear of it.I just wish Blackie would contact some of us at times,we have seen his rise.He seems to have that distance,and it is sad.I am still listening to this as i am replaying.Still like the “dick suck” remark,he has said that a few times.That makes me laugh still.I get tears in my eyes,when i hear certain things he speaks of.Very pleased to still have him around.:)

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