Sweden Rock 2011 – summary

There is so so so much buzzing in my head right now. After 4 days of non-stop music, I’m beat. Slept till noon or something, yet I’m still tired. But don’t get me wrong. I love it.
When you are willing to sacrifice your sleep, when you forget to eat because seeing a band is more important, and same thing about drinking enough water (because you don’t want to risk having to run to the bathroom when a band is playing) – you KNOW how much you LOVE your music. And I certainly do – I live for it.
This years Sweden Rock Festival has been one of the best in many years. There has been a wonderful vibe. You see all those original, crazy, happy people – dressed in the most outrageous outfits, wigs – you name it, there’s just this celebration of individuality and being whoever you wanna be. You can’t live it out anywhere else than at a festival and it’s a beautiful thing, I truly enjoy just watching people. :)
Same thing with the brother- and sisterhood of rockers. it depends on the band of course. At Judas Priest, there were some people trying to hurt others for their own personal gain (get in front row, or what have you…) but at Whitesnake there was the total opposite. I had this VERY tall guy right behind me who had me know that if anyone tried to push me or hurt me in any way, they would have to deal with him first! :) Thanks man, appreciate people who are looking out for others – because that’s what it’s all about – we’re there to enjoy music!
I met so many people as well – Aftonbladet photographer Rickard, which is always nice, he’s been there every year for the past 12 years he told me.
Hung out one afternoon with Suzan from Playground music. When you go way back, we were all just fans when we first met. I don’t think you end up in the music industry if you’re not a fan of SOMETHING to begin with. If you want to get rich, you have a better shot at that becoming an attorney, so I think that it all comes down to a sincere love for music.

She used to like Skid Row, like most of us did in the 90’s, then she ended up working at various record companies in promotion whereas another friend of mine went on to being a photographer and me a music reporter. We’re living the rock’n’roll dream in a way – being rock’n’roll women in our own different ways. :)
A girl walked up to me when I was sitting front row in the press tent waiting for the Judas Priest press conference. She had a smile from ear to ear and said:
I remember you sitting front row at the Judas Priest press conference back in 2008 too! You told me you were a big fan”.

I looked at her and I apologised because I didn’t know who she was. She goes: “My name is Vera, I work for Classic Rock Magazine in Russia. I remember you because you have such a beautiful face!”  The lady made my day. :) There I was, feeling anything but beautiful – tired, sweaty, all the “boo-hoos” in the book, and then someone tells you something like that and suddenly you’re in a fantastic mood again. She helped me film the press conference so I could concentrate on asking the band a few questions.

However – I have to admit – I hate press conferences. You have to stand there and raise your hand like in school, ask a question and then you don’t get a chance to ask more based on the answer the artists give you – and by the time you do, it doesn’t have a natural flow in the conversation anymore so… I’m not a big fan of those.
For me, I had to go to the Judas Priest press conference because they have meant extremely much in my life. The situation with K.K Downing pissed me off SO much and for a while I felt that I couldn’t love a band whose values I couldn’t understand or share. But to get to that point after almost 30 years of loving this band, I had to hear it straight from the horse’s mouth – WHAT the f*** HAPPENED?!
I felt that Rob was sincere in his answer, and it made me feel a bit better about the situation. I also wanted to “get to know” Richie Faulkner, cause he seems an OK guy – all respect to someone who dares to fill Downing’s shoes with all the drama that goes along with it. So I asked him about joining a band that’s about to retire – but Glenn didn’t let him answer…! :)
They all recognized me though, which still feels good. Call me silly, but I’m still a fan at heart. Guess I always will be.
Glenn lifted his sunglasses and waved, Rob smiled when I introduced myself to Richie, with a “Duuh, we KNOW who you are by now, Daniela!”-sort of expression
David Coverdale recognized me too – always, always. My friend asked me afterwards – “He was blowing kisses in your direction, I saw it, cause ut HAD to be you!” Yes it was. I’ll do a little “Quick review” of the bands I saw in a different blog. Rob Zombie surprised me, he was great. Priest were not so great. Whitesnake RULED the whole festival if you ask me!
Ozzy is Ozzy, you know he is one of a kind. :-)
But…! As promised – the JOAN JETT press conference. I will keep it unlisted on Youtube, so it’s not searchable there. A great question and answer in this video (a Danish journalist) at 8,07 – make sure you listen to Joan’s reply to that – she got the whole press tent go “Yeah!!”

More to come soon!

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