This day in Ozzy history, Blizzard of Ozz went platinum in the US, 1982.
Today, 2011, Ozzy’s got something else that will also go to the history books of rock’n’roll: Guitar-wizard Gus G.

After Ozzy’s show at Madison Square Garden in NYC back in December, I was very impressed by “the new guy” whose fingers were faster than the speed of light.
He was handling his guitar like nobody’s business, moving across the stage like a true Rock Star, with confidence but without the arrogance.

That evening has been described in an earlier blog post which you can find here:
The World Needs Guitar Heroes 

I made a note to myself that I would have to do an interview with this guy sooner or later.
Six months later I finally did.

Gus took time to do this at Sweden Rock Festival, shortly before he was due on stage on June 11th. As far as I know, he didn’t have time to talk to anyone else that day, so I’m glad that all the pieces of the “logistics-puzzle” worked out the way they were supposed to. :)

It’s all true – the stuff that you’ve read everywhere – yes he is one hundred per cent down to earth, a sincere non-bullshit sort of person who takes his musicianship seriously, but not for one minute allows himself to forget who he is or where he came from.
A star doesn’t need to prove anything, he lets his craftsmanship do the talking.

Meet the Wizard of Oz – Gus G.


  1. Daniela

    Tack! :) Härligt att prata med artister som är så jordnära som den här killen för övrigt. Svårt att inte tycka om honom, det är ett som är säkert. :)

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