Coverdale saved the day

Back at the hotel after a long day at the Graspop festival. Actually, it wasn’t half as bad as I had anticipated. It rained, but it was just a little, there was very little mud (no more than usual), no bands sucked, except for maybe Priest but I will need to clarify that later, people were generally nice and I like this festival – simple as that.

What made my day today was David Coverdale – again. The past fifteen years or so, he has always recognized me anytime, anywhere – press conferences, shows, whatever. Same thing happened today.
He smiled, walked over to “my” side of the stage and then I heard him say: “Well hello Daniela, how are you? Looking hot as always!”
That was my ego-kick of the day, thank-you.very-much. I’m easy to please, ;-)

It’s a typical Coverdale-thing to do and say shit like that, but what the F – it’s in front of a few thousand people, and so far I haven’t heard him name anyone else at any of the shows I’ve been to. I’m sure he does that in other places, but I’ve never heard it myself.

So, I choose to smile like a 15-year old girlie about it, OK? :-D

Didn’t even get it on video, would have been a nice memory. I was going to record the show (yes, I know, I’m a horrible criminal and I’m going to hell) but then I decided that I wanted to enjoy the show instead so I just figured “fuck it…”.
It’s always when you make those decisions that you wish you had made a different choice.

Ozzy’s cancellation must have been a bad thing for Ozzy himself, but I didn’t notice anything in particular at the festival, people were enjoying themselves as if nothing ever happened – and a Belgian band that I’d never heard of, Channel Zero, were asked to play mid-day to fill out the schedule, and that turned out to be the craziest performance of all! Not necessarily the band – but the crowd went crazy! The crowd-surfing was ridiculous! I haven’t seen that many people flying through the air even at a Megadeth concert..!

Fans of Ozzy-guitarists had a double-treat today as well – first Gus G and his Firewind, then Zakk Wylde and his Black Label Society. I’m more of a Firewind-person, not particularly into Zakk or his thing, never have been. And I can’t stand his solos, I know that I’ll get shit for saying that, but never in my whole life have I heard such boring guitar solos. When he starts doing that, all I can think of is “please just shoot me now!”

I’ve got videos from all of the above, but not now, it’s time for toothbrushing and maybe a few hours of sleep. The way I look right now could scare crows and children – or I could fit right in with any of the characters in The Night Of The Living Dead. Gah!

Sleepy time, more when I get home.


  1. Purplesnake

    ” The way I look right now could scare crows and children ” Naaahh! So what? DC said; “Looking hot as always!” uahuahauh why worrying about the look after that? lolLoved your post! Take care!Purplesnake

  2. Daniela

    Haha, thank you. :) But seriously, my eyes are red, bags under my eyes, looking more dead than alive – I think I can join Watain anytime!With Whitesnake and Coverdale, I always know that my day is going to be fantastic, it’s the little things that does it. :)

  3. Ronnie Soo

    Yeah its OK (!) The one and only time I met DC he says to me ‘hello handsome’ – I did ponder offering him my specs… but settled for a quick photo before letting him get off to wherever he was going! Did Channel Zero play ‘Suck My Energy’? It’s the only song by them I know and then only because it was featured on a giveaway CD on the front of Metal Hammer waaaay back in 1996! seeing as much live rock as I would like this year (tho I did get to see Whitesnake!) so I’m living vicariously through your blogs until that changes! :)

  4. Clint

    Lord Coverdale comes through again :) Very nice to have that rapport, and you deserve it given the miles and dollars you put into seeing them. Shame Ozzy cancelled, though Gus’ fingers might have been grateful for not pulling doule duty. How were Firewind? Crowd getting into them? Enjoy your sleep of the dead :P

  5. Daniela

    Ronnie: If David hadn’t been using words like “darling”, “handsome”, “sweetie” it would have been strange. It’s his thing. :-) And it doesn’t even matter if it’s just a phrase, we seldom get to hear that stuff on an everyday basis, so when it’s coming from someone like him, it just HAS to put a smile on your face. :-D A BIG one! As for Channel Zero, I wouldn’t know what they played, since I’m not familiar with their music. I will check it out now though. Was a crazy show! And Im glad that you “get out to concerts” in a way through my scribblings, thats also a nice thing to know. :))Clint: The $$$ invested in flights, hotels and rental cars would have been money well spent regardless – I love travelling and I love the element of adventure and never knowing what’s going to happen. Whitesnake never disappoint me.It’s ironic how I booked this “tour” around Priest, then it turns out to be the band that I least want to see after having seen them twice this summer. Strange how things turn out. As for Firewind, I love their stuff, and they are fantastic musicians, the lot of them.They have their very loyal fanbase so they had people defyng the rain to see them. Even me, must have looked damn professional standing front row in a rain poncho with my camera, lol! Some things dawn on you afterwards, when you realize what impression you must be leaving on people…! I suck at being cool, might as well learn to live with it. :-)

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