Magic and nightmare in Greece

After a whole day in the frying sun, no food, barely any water and a nightmare(ish) before and after the actual festival, I need more sleep, so there will be a “real” blog if I’m lucky enough to have an internet connection in London (which is my next destination).

However. One thing. IT WAS UNBELIEVABLE!!! Firewind had the craziest crowd ever – no wonder, it’s their hometown. But it could go either way when you’re “homeboys”. Either people don’t give a shit or they worship you. In this case, it was the latter. :)

It was like I “saw” them for the first time, cause the energy between the crowd and the band was… unbelievable!

Then came Whitesnake. Funny enough, but I thought it would be tough for them to go onstage after Firewind’s performance… Coverdale should never be doubted though.

And Judas Priest. The MAGIC was back. They have sucked the past few shows I’ve seen them, but I guess a band is never better than its crowd. And Thessaloniki went absolutely nuts for their leather-heroes! People were “raining” from the crowd across the barricades like lemmings off a cliff! Security had a very busy time to say the least. I’ve got videos of all this stuff, but the connection here at the hotel is way too slow so I’ll have to get back with all that and you’ll know I’m not exaggerating. :)

Thessaloniki is the place to go if you want to see a show with a passionate crowd. It was great! I almost forgot the horrible organization where I walked around for hours asking security guys about where to pick up ordered tickets. I must have asked at least ten of them, and they all went “It’s not here” (duh!) and pointed in any direction as long as it was “away” from wherever we were standing when I asked. So, according to them, tickets were in every direction you could think of.

AFTER the show, I thought there would be a bus back to where I came from, but no. I had to go somewhere else to get to a night bus – and a Greek guy I met online guided me over the phone through the dark streets of Thessaloniki, spoke to some paramedics that were still there and could tell him where I was and how I could get back to my hotel…. Because TAXIS were, of course, on STRIKE yesterday. So if I had missed the last bus back, I would have had to WALK all night to get back to my hotel – and not knowing how to find my way around that didn’t seem like a good option… So, there was a bit of a nightmare there.

But more about that when I get to London. Or back home. Pics and videos and all that will be up then too.


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