Sonisphere report – soon :)

The plan was to give you guys a report from Sonisphere, but that will have to wait until tomorrow.
I spent all night on a cold, hard floor at Heathrow, keeping myself awake with caffeine chewing gums (those saved me many times this summer on these rock’n’roll journeys) and friends on MSN who kept me company all night. :-)

WHY did I end up sitting on a floor at Heathrow all night, you ask…? Well, that’ll be in the next blog too…

Needless to say, my brain feels like mashed potatoes right now so the actual Sonisphere blog will hopefully be up some time tomorrow.

In the meantime, a few videos from Thessaloniki – better late than never (I’ll probably upload tons of stuff in November or something when things cool down a little bit and I have time to actually sit and organize all this material).

Rob Halford being attacked by a cuddly fan on stage. I couldn’t believe it when the guy just ran up there! Surprised that security were that quick to get him out of there though…

From one of their best performances in a while… Heading Out To The Highway in Greece…

There will be more. Soon. :)

And of course, Thessaloniki’s pride & joy FIREWIND:

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