Yngwie – Yngwie and… Yngwie!

I’m so, so excited about seeing Yngwie Malmsteen in New York City in October. Got the confirmation today – ticket is OK. I have a feeling that it will be a gig to remember, cause all the presale-tickets have already been sold out. :-)

Then I saw that there will be MORE guitarists the next day, Uli Jon Roth, Michael Schenker and Leslie West, also in NYC. Don’t know if I should extend my stay with one more day to see that too, cause after all, what’s the rush, I have that whole week off anyway….

That would make it a total guitar-orgy: Gus G and Bob Katsionis on Wednesday, Yngwie Malmsteen on Thursday and Uli J Roth and Michael Schenker on Friday…. How much string-bending can you take 3 days in a row? :-))

Those of you who have followed me through the years, already know that Yngwie was my big idol back in the 80’s. Part of the story has already been told here.

To me, Yngwie is synonymous to fantastic, beautiful guitarplaying. It can be so beautiful that you just… float away on little clouds or something, it’s gourmet music – the best of the best. I can’t even put it into words. What he can do, is beyond anything.

[Beautiful stuff….]

I sometimes hear people go “Geez, Yngwie?! What’s like guitar-masturbation, it’s just too much!” Those people haven’t really listened. A friend of mine, who’s far from a music nerd, was reluctantly dragged to an Yngwie-concert by a male musician friend of hers. She was one of those who was rolling her eyes when she agreed to go, and she automatically prepared herself for a boring evening.
She had been to a Steve Vai-gig with me years ago, and that didn’t really leave her particularly impressed. I guess maybe Steve is more….technical brilliance for those who are already musicians.

I told her Yngwie was not only a genious, he is entertaining too. She came back after the show and was pleasently surprised. “I never thought I would say this, but – he was actually good! I enjoyed the show!”

[Yngwie – DEFINITELY not boring! :-) ]

There you go. There’s a reason why EVERYBODY knows who Yngwie is, not only guitar-freaks. He is an entertainer – he plays with ease and makes everything look like a piece of cake, while running back and forth striking poses left and right. :-) Yngwie is rarely boring.

I like his instrumentals the most, and I’m not necessarily a fan of instrumentals – but when he does it, it’s just…like I would imagine music would sound in heaven. I can imagine Yngwie playing up there on a cloud and have harp/guitar-duel with one of the angels!

Soon. Very soon. :-))



  1. Suuded

    Hi Lita77777,I love watching Yngwie, but I absolutely adore Steve Vai, so I have to defend him ;)!Steve Vai always puts together great performances with a very light and playful attitude and outstanding costumes, so I can’t believe that someone could find him less entertaining in comparison with Yngwie. But maybe I am not in the position to judge as I totally am into technical brilliance and I can admit that the actual songs might perhaps be harder to get into for those not into the “guitar-thing” ;).Cheers,Su

  2. Daniela

    Hi Su,You are right – Steve has a great attitude but might be more difficult for the general “non-guitar-geek”-crowd to get into. Yngwie appeals to a much wider audience. And although I have the utmost respect for Steve, I still think that Yngwie’s style is on a different level than most other guitarists’. He only has to play for two seconds and you immediately know who it is. There is Yngwie, and then there’s everything else. :) But that’s just my humble opinion, lol! :-)

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