Only two weeks left

Been going through the travel-details, just making sure that I’ve got everything I need for the next round of the Firewind-tour.

And speaking of Firewind – everything related to the UK/Europe/US-travels this fall, will be in a new blog that you’ll find here:

Figured I might as well put all that stuff in one place since there will be a lot of FW-material the coming few weeks for obvious reasons.

It will be more of a challenge travelling with only carry-on baggage now when it’s getting colder. It’s easy if I have hotels booked, but I won’t have that on the last date of the UK tour. And who wants to go to a show with a suitcase? I’ll figure it out. Everything can be solved, I’ll have to write a book about rock’n’roll travelling someday! :-)

I’ll be away most of September, it feels great. Being home is nice for about two-three days, then I start getting restless again. I am addicted to airports, hotels and venues.

Really happy about WHITESNAKE coming back to Europe in the fall for some arena-dates. :-) So, I will not be missing that either – just haven’t decided on where to go yet – Poland, Germany or the UK. Plenty of time to decide. First thing’s first.

If you haven’t already “liked” my page on Facebook, go check it out – every update is always posted there:

Or Twitter:!/lita77777

Have a great week fellow music-maniacs. :))


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