The rock’n’roll traveller’s best tips (Part 2)

Back in July I had to figure out a way to pack for a week abroad in two different countries and two different situations.
When you’ve got a hotel, it’s easy. You just keep your stuff there and bring whatever you need to the concert or walk around town. The challenge is when you are going to a festival or concert, and you don’t have a place to store your baggage.

I spent a few days in Thessaloniki, Greece then flew straight to England and the Sonisphere-festival. Two different climates even. So I had to really be picky about what to bring and what wasn’t as important.

It’s difficult to give general tips but this is what I did for THAT trip. I promised several people to write this someday, as they could not understand how I managed to shove everything I needed for that trip in a carry-on shoulderbag, But it could be done! And here is how…


The problem is always how to travel with only a carry-on and as few toiletries as possible (roll-on deodorant, perfume or aftershave, toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, hairspray, various makeup…all depending on who you are).

I solved it by making a few changes…

Instead of roll-on deodorant = Crystal deo!
Natralia Crystal Deodorant
I bought one last year when I was abroad and it lasts for months and months and months…! Click the link to find out more about it. It works really well and is a lot healthier than regular deo.

A more EXTREME solution = Use Sweatblock before you leave – that way you won’t have to bring deo at all. I’m sure there are different brands everywhere but you’ll find it at your local pharmacy. Personally I would never use this product on a regular basis, but for travels I will, as it will keep me sweat-free and eliminate the need for a bulky roll-on in my carry on baggage.

And as a last solution – just buy a cheap deo when you get to your destination and throw it away when you leave.

A lot of times, you get those little sample bottles when you buy your favorite scent. If not, you can get them for almost nothing on eBay. One or two of those is enough for a week abroad.

Women often get samples of shampoos and conditioners in fashion-magaines or stores. These are really small, flat, weigh nothing, can be packed easily. Then throw it away and you’ve got even less to carry when you travel back home.

Shampoo-tip 2: Shampoo-bars from Lush
Shampoo Bar Tin Check the link – these are awesome, they smell great, they lather, they weigh almost nothing, can also be used as a regular soap in an emergency. But basically, this is for your HAIR – and it’s NOT a “soap”.
I remember a friend of mine being very reluctant, cause she was not about to wash her hair with “some soap“. Try it, you’ll be hooked – and it’s perfect for carry-on travellers. :)

This is a tip I learned from my friend Bianca. She collected the plastic containers that you get in “Kinder Eggs” and used those as little cream-jars! Perfect size, just enough for a weekend or a week, stores easily – great idea, which can be used for pretty much anything.
(I use the Kinder Egg-containers to organize foreign coins after a trip so I can find the right currency next time I go to that country)

There are travel-size toothpastes and empty spray-bottles that you can buy (unless you’ve got something that you can use at home – be creative!).

As for makeup, for us ladies, I found a few useful SMALL packages of eyeliners, mascaras (also samples) – not sure what you can find in your country, but take a good look around next time you’re out shopping. Instead of my usual liquid foundation, I use an all-in-one powder/foundation or mineral powder/foundation. Mineral makeup is good, cause once again you’ve minimized the need for liquids.

I use makeup-remover pads instead of regular remover in a bottle as it doesn’t count as “liquid”, yet in a way, it is. :)

That was the “liquids”-section. Other things that you might want to think about is to get a REALLY good carry on bag/suitcase and make sure it matches the airline’s requirements.

I prefer bags where I can easily take out my laptop when I need to, and where there are easily accessible pockets for my passport, boardingpass and cellphones. A bag that lets you organize these things in a practical way is worth more than gold when you go through security and don’t want to waste valuable time! :-)

 This is my favorite – that I used for my week in Greece & England – Living Dead Souls messenger bag.
It doesn’t look like anything special but believe me – you can put so much in this and still know exactly where everything is! I love it.
Part 3 of the Rock’n’roll traveller coming up soon!

5055413308767 Living Dead Souls Skeleton Hand Messenger Bag 

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