Skid Row live 1995

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Found a recording from the last show Skid Row did in Sweden (with Sebastian fronting the band). I guess that the Subhuman Race style didn’t quite go down well with their crowd, although it did have some pretty damn good songs on it.

I’ve already written a “rearview mirror” on Skid Row, can be found here:

I’m really looking forward to next Saturday, and the Rock Exhibition in Malmo where Sebastian will be attending to sign his new album. I asked for an interview but the problem is that it needs to be done on Saturday – and I will be dead on Saturday after travelling all day. Not the best day to talk to anyone – BUT… Might be possible with Baz, and ONLY Baz, because we know eachother well and because I really don’t need to ask a whole lot. He talks like a machine, all I have to do is sit there and let him do all the talking. :) Every journalist’s dream!

I feel so lucky for having been around when Skid Row had their most successful time, for being a part of their crazy life yet always being treated 100% respectfully by the whole band. I’ll always love them for it.
Only one week to go…! :)

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