Time to get comfy – rock’n’roll style

Back from Prague, a 3-day conference that was very intense but also very rewarding, as I got to meet colleagues from all over Europe, inspiring, interesting people. I got home, sick and exhausted, but I love the traveling. :-)

This year has been a very hectic year, I feel like I’ve spent more time at airports than at home, but that suits a “rock’n’roll gypsy” like me perfectly.

A few views from the past 4 months…. Anywhere from Brussels to Thessaloniki to the USA to…..

So, now is the first time since this summer that I will be home for more than a month in a row. The only events that are planned are Whitesnake and the Def Leppard/Motley Crue combo in Manchester in December.

An online friend said that if he had been living my life he would have been dead by now, probably because he figures the tempo has been pretty crazy. Or another friend who said I’m a “sleep-camel”, who stores sleep to be able to live without it for days when needed. That’s not entirely true though, I am a wreck after some of the more challenging trips. But if I need to work, I will go and do my job anyway, then just wait for the weekend to sleep – and then sleep some more!

But the bottom line is, I love it, it gives me energy and it puts a smile on my face. 

However, I need a break. I don’t feel like I need one but I guess that if I was sensible I would realize that I need some rest from time to time. :)

So, for my fall and winter bear pit, I’ll curl up on the couch with a good book and a cup of hot cocoa. This book was in the mailbox when I got back from my US-trip –  definitely up my alley and something I look forward to reading! :)

Also going to read ex-guitarist of Europe, Kee Marcello’s bio. It’s supposed to be “revealing”. Should be interesting!

It’s all about the small things, just enjoy every minute – whether it’s traveling all over the place or just treating yourself with whatever you find slightly decadent. :)

I went on a shopping spree at Sephora in Prague the other day, presents for my sister and for myself – another way of making this “indoor November” a little more fun. :)

I noticed that there are many “rock’n’roll fragrances” nowadays – some of them are in my bathroom cabinet:

Playboy Rock“, Victoria’s Secret “Love Rocks“, Sephora’sLady Rebel” and “You Rock” by Laila Bagge who is mostly known as being one of the judges of the Swedish “Idol”. All of those smell fantastic!


Come to think of it – even my cocoa has a rock’n’roll theme!

My favorite – Elvis cocoa, peanut butter and banana-sandwich flavor! It tastes a lot better than it sounds. ;)

Well…..I might as well make myself comfortable, it’s gonna be a long, dark, cold winter…!


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