Sexy Whitesnake in Sweden

Had a fantastic time at the Whitesnake-concert last night. Again. :) I was the first to arrive at Kristianstad arena, 3 hours before the show. Shortly thereafter 3 other die-hard female fans joined me out there, in the cold, who turned out to be really cool and nice to talk to. Was first in line and first into the arena when the doors opened. That’s always nice – you get to pick your favorite spot without having to fight for it…!


Many hours of waiting, but it was totally worth it. As always. When the band entered the stage, it was like “haaaa-lelujah!”. MAGIC!

(a new record, it took him EXACTLY 1 minute to spot me, haha!
Sorry about the filming, I was too busy watching the show, not necessarily through my camera. So my apologies if anyone gets seasick watching this clip!)

Whitesnake on a stage is ALL about sex. Sometimes it’s subtle, sometimes it’s anything but. I’ve often said that Coverdale’s music goes straight to your heart, but frankly, it goes straight to the lower regions as well. I still remember an internet-friend of mine telling me how he used Whitesnake’s music to get girls “in the mood”. According to him, it worked every time. I’m not surprised. It’s that velvet-smooth, deep sexy voice that does it. It sends shivers down your spine. What woman wouldn’t get “in the mood” listening to the first lines of “Slow and easy” for instance??

And its also the suggestive, underlying lyrics. Slide it in? Hm, I wonder what that could be about. ;)

But yeah anyway – although it’s not exactly a secret that Whitesnake is all about sex, and always has been, it just hit me yesterday when I was looking at what was in front of me on stage.

There’s David Coverdale himself, first of all. The man who invented the mic-stand penis-prolonger. Every move is sexy, and I must say that he’s one of the few men his age that can pull it off. I’ve never been into “older men” (not that David is “old” but “older men” to me is anything past 45) but he has that something that makes him very attractive – if it’s the confidence or what, I don’t know, but there’s a reason why he’s still making little girlies scream.

Two girls behind me, couldn’t have been more than 20, if even that, were going crazy every time he smiled. Some men got “it”, some don’t. David’s got it.

And then…. Well. What’s in front of us on stage is a bunch of sweaty men with unbuttoned shirts,  and tight pants that leave very little to the imagination – that cover just about what’s necessary.

And regardless what your taste in men is – they’re all good looking. I’m sure it’s not a coincidence. David knows what sells – you can’t be butt ugly and join Whitesnake. Might have worked back in the seventies but not after the 80s. Can’t be easy to find great musicians that also look good and are old enough to be 100% professional. 

Drummer Brian Tichy is definitely a handsome dude:

(from his time with Billy Idol)



Keyboard player Brian Ruedy:


Bassist Michael Devin:



Guitarist 1 – Doug Aldrich:


Guitarist 2 – Reb Beach:



There you have it – feast your eyes, ladies! :-)

So, it’s a winning concept that has worked all these years, and it always will. Sex ALWAYS sells. It appeals to the animal in all of us, will never go “out of style”, as long as it’s done tastefully. And Whitesnake does it tastefully. :-)

Someone taught David a new Swedish word that he loved repeating during the evening: “Knulla“. Google it. Lol!

But, aside from all that, the band had a fantastic evening – it was so obvious that they were having a good time on stage, great interaction between the musicians on stage and also an amazing contact with the crowd.

One of the girls that was first in line yesterday, noticed the same thing. David makes it his business to notice everybody, to make eye-contact with as many people as possible, because he knows that THAT is what makes people feel special and that is what makes them come back.

I’ll be the first to concur that. THIS is what I want to see when I attend a Whitesnake-gig:


“Hey!! It’s YOU! Hello!”

It feels good to be recognized, and I know that he always does. When he left the stage last night, he even stopped for a minute on his way out, because I was looking elsewhere, then when he was sure that we had eye-contact, he smiled and waved, like he was saying “thanks for coming, see you soon!“. 

It’s not just David, the whole band does that. It’s stuff like that, the little details, that makes all the difference. 

What can I say. I love Whitesnake :-)

Videos will be up in the coming blog – and then there’ll be more from Copenhagen on Wednesday as well. Stay tuned! :-))

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