The last Whitesnake….for a while

There’s been a lot of Whitesnake here lately, so this will be the last WS-post for a while (to spare the non-Whitesnake-fans – if there even ARE any! :P Doesn’t everyone love Whitesnake?)

Here are the last video clips:

I went to Vega Tuesday afternoon and found the ladies from the Kristianstad-show standing outside again. But this time they weren’t the “craziest” fans, there was another girl there who had flown in from England and had been there waiting since noon…!

It was really nice talking to them all, because they were true, dedicated fans, there for all the right reasons. They are traveling all over the world to see bands they like, just like me. I don’t meet people like that often actually, so it’s cool hearing other people’s experiences for a change. :-)

I missed the front row-middle-spot because a security guy took what felt like ages, to “examine” my bag, so in the meantime people just ran straight in. Shit happens. And more shit happened once inside, cause it’s the ONLY place I’ve been to in six months that had a security guy who was very eager to “do his job”.

One of those who had been practicing his “serious intimidating expression” in front of his mirror, and was now trying to make sure nobody was filming. And with him right in front of me, constantly staring, it was hard to be a criminal.

Well…. I’ve been a criminal most of my life when it comes to concerts, it kind of goes with the territory. You learn how… I managed to film most of the show without him noticing that I wasn’t just taking pictures. :-) Just don’t get me started on that whole thing. I have my own theories on the “illegal recordings of live concerts”, might make a whole new blog someday.

As for the show, it was as entertaining and fun as always. Most of all, I think that David is finally 100% cool with who he is and where he is at this point in time.
I remember the interview I did with him back in 2001 when he said that he wasn’t necessarily being himself during the heydays of Whitesnake when he looked like a Christmas-tree. 

Then he had that period when he thought he was retiring, cut his hair, went back to the dark color (which I actually think suits him better than the blonde…) and wrote very….easy listening sort of songs. He was being a respectable solo artist, but I’m not sure he was completely satisfied with his career back then either.

Eventhough he’s a professional who always gives his audience what they want, I felt that he was holding back and his performances weren’t quite as energetic as they could have been. It was a temporary identity crisis or whatever you choose to call it.

What I see on the stage now, 2011is a man who has been through everything, he’s done everything, seen everything, experienced everything…. He can finally relax and just enjoy life and what he’s rightfully earned.

When I see him on stage now, I see a man who’s not pretending anymore. He doesn’t have to prove that he’s worthy fronting Deep Purple, he doesn’t have to prove that he can make it on his own fronting his own band, he doesn’t have to be the “christmas tree”, he doesn’t have to prove that he can do “respectable” singer-songrwiter music and he doesn’t need to prove that he can do a successful comeback…. He doesn’t have to do anything other than just…BE.

He has earned his position in the music business once and for all. He is having fun on stage, cracking jokes, sharing laughs with not only the crowd but also the guys in the band. It’s a very down to earth atmosphere and it’s very sincere. I think we can all feel it.

It’s as if he’s finally “home”. David has always been cracking jokes, he’s a funny man, it’s not that it’s anything new, but something is different and it’s different in a very positive way. I’m happy for him and I’m happy to see that Whitesnake is still attracting such a wide audience.

There are all kinds of people there: Really old dudes who have probably been around since the Deep Purple-days, and little kids who are there with their parents. All ages, styles…. Very few bands today have such a wide audience.

Most of all, they have some really cool fans. It was very evident at Sweden Rock Festival. When Judas Priest played, their fans were acting like assholes, being very selfish, ready to hurt other people to get in the front row or just “enjoy the show” at the expense of others.

When Whitesnake played, people were talking, getting to know eachother, offering to help. One guy said he would “protect” me if anyone was giving me a hard time, another one said I could stand next to him, there was room for one more, yet another one offered to hold my camera if I wanted to just enjoy the show and have someone else take over the filming for a while.

Very cool and helpful people that tend to be friendly and respectful most of the time. I’m proud to be a part of that.

Looking forward to Whitesnake’s next visit, whenever that may be!

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