Facebook blocked my page

Well… You won’t be getting updates through my Facebook-account for In A Rearview Mirror for a while I guess. 

When I went to login earlier today I got a “security message” (security – from who, what, why??) that said I had to provide my cellphone number to “prove I’m a real person“. Uh, are there UNREAL people with accounts? WTF? Ghosts? Trolls? Wizards? Aliens?? 

And “secure”… from what?? If ANYTHING makes me feel very uncomfortable, it’s handing out my phonenumber left and right, especially to a website that don’t even give you the OPTION to choose NOT to give them that kind of info. Is it just me that finds that very disturbing?

When I registrered my Facebook-page I used a phone number that is not my regular number. They don’t specify that it needs to be a number that’s actually in USE. They just want “a number”. Fine. It was MINE alright, but I never used it. Maybe they figured it out – they couldn’t get more info out of me by adding THAT number so… now I have to “prove” it’s me. And that old number that I used back then, is not in use at all anymore.

So…. For NO reason whatsoever, I can’t login to my Facebook account and god knows when or IF I ever will – it all depends on whether or not I hear from their “support team”….

This is why I hate Facebook. The whole idea of ONE organization having so much personal information about millions of people spooks me out.

They know more about you and your habits than you do yourself. They know your friends, they know where you’ve been and with whom, they know where you work, who your family is, your aquaintances, your numbers, e-mails, hobbies, political standpoints, taste in music, what you buy, what you like, dislike… Hell, they even know when you went to the toilet if you chose to use that info on your last status update! And people are okay with that? I don’t get it.

The place sucks horseballs. I always hated it. I never wanted to join that “Gestapo”-site but felt that I had to because the whole world seemed perfectly okay with giving out everything about themselves to Facebook.  If I wanted to reach anyone at all out there, I had to create a page. But it’s like selling your soul to the devil. At this point I just don’t know what it is we get in return?

Right now I’m just hoping that the place dies as fast as MySpace vanished over night. I miss MySpace. It was so much more music-oriented, I could spend hours browsing for music on there. There were music players and videos, bios and everything in one place. Perfect for a music fan. Facebook? Just a bunch of clutter – and try finding actual music by the bands on there, good luck with that…

Anyhoooooo…. Motley Crue, Def Lep this weekend. If you’re subscribing you will get the news, videos, pics. The rest, that are on Facebook won’t know anything about it because Facebook decided that they want to get more INFO about me before they “allow” me to enter their precious site. I think I need to find my old t-shirt:

So right now I’m anything but pleased about the situation. We’ll see how it goes. Sucks if I’ll end up having to start all over again just because my old cellphone number doesn’t work anymore. What’s with Facebook’s obsession with PHONE NUMBERS anyway???





  1. Ronnie Soo

    Not that I’m defending Facepaint but Myspace could be totally cluttered, if you hit on someone’s page that had pictures, music and glittery graphics all over the place and it all loaded at startup! I looked into this verification and they say it is to stop people having more than one profile (you can have as many pages as you like under that profile) which violates their TOS. Not totally convinced by that argument myself, and I don’t remember having to submit my mobile to verify my account. That said, mine was created over four years ago (and also reluctantly, at first).Anyway, seeing as Facepaint have declared you unmutual until you confirm (‘Prisoner’ reference, it is just like the Village!) and I wanted to share some photos from Whitesnake at Wolves – I’ve posted them to yuku as well (also so I could share them on Doug’s message board) and here’s the link. http://ronster500.u.yuku.com/gallery/slideshow/fid/285370I wasn’t at the front so they’re not that great but hope you like ’em anyway :)

  2. Daniela

    Luckily, I got my account back. For how long, I don’t know. It’s okay if they want to “verify” an account, but I would want to know WHY, where that suddenly came from. I would also appreciate more than just ONE way to “verify” my account. I suspect that they only want to collect as much personal data about people as possible. I’ve seen tons of pages on Facebook that are for one and the same artist for instance. Doesn’t seem to bother them, as long as they got the PHONE NUMBERS of those people. I don’t know, I just don’t like this collecting of people’s personal info and numbers. It’s nobody’s business. You can’t even get anyone’s phone number online in the US unless you pay for it, biut you’re supposed to just give it away on Facebook? As for MySpace, of course there were issues there as well, but I had the choice not to go to cluttered pages. What I mean is that my own personal starting page was way easier to handle. not so much stuff. There was a box for e-mails, a box for news/bulletins and a box for comments. You didn’t get everybody’s constant updates automatically. You actually had to go to their page or read their bulletins. On Facebook, you can only choose if you want to see a person’s updates at ALL or not, which means that there would be no point using FB at ALL. You know that I never liked FB, and I doubt I ever will. As soon as there’s an alternative, I’ll be there. I joined Google+ but that was just another copy of FB. Guess I’ll have to wait for the “anti-FB-movement”. Sooner or later it’s gonna happen. :-)

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