At the Virgin train

I hope the rest of the journey continues the way it started. Everything has been perfect so far. First in line at the airport, first on the plane, first out, first to pass through the passport check,straight to the transfer train, and straight on the tube…. Then had a nice dinner at an English pub, good prices, good food, fast service. And now we’re on the train, First Class, really nice! Enjoying a nice cup of complimentary tea and biscuit. :-)

Tonight we’re staying at a 4-star hotel and generally….life doesn’t suck. :-)

More updates tomorrow, unfortunately not after the show as we’ll have to catch a bus back to London then. But I’m looking forward to a great show!! :-)

This man was unaware of the “Kiss me” and £10 stickers he had on his back. :-) People were giggling and taking pics, he was way too busy searching for platform info, that he didn’t even notice. :-) Lol!

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