A gift that makes sense

I got a message from a friend on Facebook today that said:

“Ever heard of Sven Gali? Awesome band from Toronto. They are still around, but the guitar player Dee Cernile was diagnosed with 4th stage lung cancer which spread into the lymph nodes and bones :( (I think he was diagnosed 3-4 yrs ago…his hair is all gone :().

We opened for them on their first album tour (back in the day when there was only ONE opening band) and he is an AWESOME guy.

There is a fund set up for him to help him financially. When ya donate some cash they send you some special dayplanner. He has been going thru a rough time in the last few months so I ponied up the dough and wondering if just maybe you could mention the fund in your blog? Or something? He really does need the help”.

As soon as I got a few minutes to go check it out, I donated $24 to the cause. Not because I’m a big fan of Sven Gali – I can’t even say that I ever listened much to them. I know who they are because a Canadian friend sent me links to their videos on Youtube years ago. 

In this case, it’s not even about being a fan or not. It’s about…LIFE. Plain and simple.  

It becomes personal when someone tells you about someone they know and like, and lets you know that he or she needs help to get the right treatment.

Cause frankly people, how many of you are out there shopping Christmas-presents like crazy right now? You are spending money you probably don’t even have, because you feel that you “have to”. That’s all cool, we’re all caught up in the shopping-circus this time of year.

THIS however, is a gift to a stranger, one of those things that you do just because it’s the right thing to do, and you know that it is. Someday it could be me – or you. 

If you want to chip in – go to this site and make your contribution:  http://dayplannerfordee.chipin.com/dee-cernile 



One comment

  1. Sean

    Thanks so much for posting D ….I just want it to be said that I am not privy to all the specific details about Dee’s battle. I was somewhat paraphrasing what I read in a testimonial that Dee had written about a treatment center that he attended. I also would like to say that I mentioned the thing about Dee’s hair, only because you had mentioned in your response to me that you remember that you liked what you heard from them and that they ” had cool hair”. We all know about your thing for guys with long hair;). but I want people to know that it wasn’t a way of describing his health or circumstances. Thanks again for posting and I hope that anyone who reads it, can throw a few dollars to help him out.

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