New York, New Yooooork, here I come! :-))

All done. My weekend-trip to NYC to see Steve Stevens with Sebastian Bach is now booked. And I’m really looking forward to it!

Steve is a true showman and so is Sebastian – watching those two guys in a jazz-club on Broadway is the coolest thing and another early Christmas-present to myself. 

More about this show here.

I’m leaving from Copenhagen on the 27th of January, coming back on Monday (with the time-difference, I’ll be leaving New York on Sunday, and be back in Denmark early Monday morning) – and then straight to work. Another zombie-week, but at least it’s all done in my own spare time. :-))

I can’t believe how lucky I was with the flight. Been checking regularly and it was a little bit too expensive AND the itinerary sucked. Too many changes and long waits at airports.

Then from out of nowhere THIS option appears, says that there are very few seats left. Non-stop flight to New York and I get to work Monday morning, no problem. Best of all – the cheapest flight up until now has been 3600 SEK for weeks. Today it was 2900 SEK (=about $400) roundtrip!

Then again, that’s why I’m always booking Tuesday-Thursday. That’s when you get the best deals.

Not only that… It was my lucky day. Hotel right on Times Square, AC, Wi-Fi… the whole deal, 2 nights, really nice room, less than 200 bucks! For a hotel in New York City with that location, that’s a bargain!

I’m so excited that I’ll get to see this unique show with the most unbacked combo I never thought I’d see on a stage together. :-)

Hopefully I’ll get hold of Baz again for a short interview, but time is very limited so… that’ll have to be improvised.

But first Athens, January 14.

My Sebastian-interview from earlier this summer:

and the crazy Q & A session he did the next day:



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