Digging deep into the paper bag

Wonderful! Having time off for Christmas was great. Just what I needed to get back on track. I just did whatever I felt like, slept in, went through some stuff….

That paper bag of old cassettes is still on my “to-do”-list- to transfer them to digital files. I transfered a great interview that I did with Mike Monroe in 2003. I say “great” because he really gave good and unpredicable answers. Damn interesting stuff. The 20 minutes I initially had for the interview, turned into an hour and I enjoyed every minute of it! I’ll edit that one and post it as soon as I get a chance. 

Found interviews with people that I even forgot I ever spoke to! If I hadn’t had the proof on tape, I would have sworn that I had never talked to Rod Morgenstein of Winger for instance. Then there are others that I totally forgot, but when I listen to the interviews, I remember some of it. Like Eric Burdon (Animals) – one of the last legends, very interesting man who I met when he visited Malmö a few years ago. Not metal but still one of the first cool dudes from the 60’s. :-)

[Eric singing an all-time classic….]

I accidentally found an interview with Sharon den Adel from Within Temptation. I hadn’t written on the tape that it was on there – but as I forgot to turn it off after the Mike Monroe-interview, I found it. Same thing with Brad Delp of Boston…. I didn’t even know he passed away 2007. Will post that one soon too, if there are any Boston-fans out there.

And Ville Valo from HIM. The first interview I did with him was great. I got some really cool stuff out of him. Great in-depth conversation. 

[Wrote the article for a small underground-magazine for alternative music (Zero) back in the mid 90’s]

The second time he behaved like an asshole. He deliberately gave sarcastic and stupid answers to everything and refused to be photographed when the photographer tried to get a shot. He just got up and left the room. What a douche. That evening he went onstage looking like he was there cause he was held at gunpoint. Lost all respect after that. If you’re not enjoying what you do – don’t do it.

Basically, it’s great taking a walk down memory lane like this. All of it will be up here, just for trivia. None of these interviews have ever been heard – except for a few that were made for radio. Some are recent, some are old – some by people who are no longer alive. 

If there are any “requests” – shoot! :-)


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