The Atomic Playboy

One week from now – next Saturday – I’ll be back in New York City again (one of my favorite cities in the world) for the Steve Stevens & Sebastian Bach show.

I’m still trying to picture those two sharing a stage. It’s the most unusual combo I’ve heard of in years, which is why I felt that I just had to see it. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime sort of show. Both of them are great entertainers, but where they meet musically is yet to be seen and heard! :-)

My day today started out great actually, cause I got an e-mail from Steve’s wife Josie, who I’ve been in touch with regarding an interview, that confirmed I’m in. Wonderful! I am super-happy and excited about that.

He’s one of the very few people that I’ve admired for years, but still haven’t met or talked to.

In Rolling Stones, I preferred Keith Richards to Mick Jagger.
In Aerosmith I most definitely thought Joe Perry was cooler than Steven Tyler – and with Billy Idol, I just thought that Steve Stevens was the cooler guy.
Not that I don’t like Billy Idol, it’s just that the slightly mysterious guitarists are more interesting sometimes.

Steve is in my opinion one of those underrated guitar heroes. When you talk about guitar heroes, people will start listing guys like Yngwie, Paul Gilbert, Joe Satriani and people like that. I even remember an interview with a modern guitar hero, who shall remain nameless, being asked about what he thought about a few selected guitarists. He didn’t even know who Steve Stevens was. Embarrassing.

Maybe Steve didn’t get the credit he fully deserves because he was dismissed as a poser. A guitarist friend of mine was going to pick out a Billy Idol song a few years ago and started with great enthusiasm, saying it would be a piece of cake. After a while he gave up. It was a lot harder than it sounded. 

Anyway, mr Stevens absolutely rocks, and I am very happy about the good interview-news and most of all, hearing whatever he’s got up his sleeve this time, bringing in mr Bach to help out! Should be memorable!


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