First day in New York – tomorrow Steve Stevens and Sebastian Bach


When I got to the airport and found the Continental check-in desk, there was a loooooong line of people in line. Not much you can do, so I got in line with everybody else. An airline representative asked me for my passport, and as I have all my printed documents at hand in a plastic pocket, I took the passport out of there to show him. He saw my printed Continental check-in paper and went: “Oh, you’ve already checked in? Then you can go straight to THIS line”. He got me out of the looong line and to the business line – where there were like two people. :-) Piece of cake! I just breezed right through! Yes!

The plane was really comfortable, plenty of legroom, video, good food – and there was an empty seat between me and some other guy. Looots of space, no need to scrunch. :-)

Prepared my questions for Steve on the plane. Lots of time to do that, I like to work on planes if there’s enough time to just relax. There is nothing that is bothering you, no phones, no TV, no internet – nothing that can steal your attention away from what you’re doing.

It’s almost as good as working in the middle of the night. As I’m writing this, I’m looking out the window, right at the right wing – and seeing snow-white fluffy clouds that look like cotton! And the sky is just baby-blue, so beautiful! I should get some sleep, it’ll be a long day with the time-zone change so… will take a nap in a few. I love life. :-)



Arrived to a rainy Newark, NJ. Took the shuttle to 7th Avenue and went straight to the Iridum on Bradway where Steve’s and Sebastian’s first show will take place tonight. The box office was closed so I went to Hard Rock on Times Square and had a burger.

When I got back, there was somebody at the club. He told me I didn’t have to pick up any tickets, all I had to do was just say my name at the door, they already had it in a computer. “It’s gonna be jam packet tomorrow night. A lot more than there’s gonna be tonight…”, he explained. Probably because Sebastian has posted info about tomorrow’s show being broadcasted live online.
According to the guy at the door, “there’s gonna be a bunch of celebrities here and all…”. Hm, wonder what that means. Guess I’ll know in a few hours. :) Heard the sound check going on downstairs, should have asked if I could go down there and see if I could find mr Bach but I didn’t.

Was supposed to meet Victoria, the girl who got me to the Ozzy-gig once – well long story – but she got stuck in a meeting. New try tomorrow. Went to meet up my friend Beatrice instead, we were going to have dinner at this 50’s diner and then take the ferry over and see the skylines on the way back to Brooklyn where she lives. It’s fast with those water taxi’s, and a lot less crowded than the subway (that stinks by the way).

Got lost in the subway on Lexington Ave, couldn’t find any ticket machines or booths or anything. I probably looked confused to a guy asked me if I needed help with anything. I asked if he knew where I could buy a subway ticket. He just went over to one of those gates and said: “Here, I’ll swipe my card for you!”. So he let me in for free. People in NYC are nicer than people usually give them credit for. Or maybe I was just lucky today. Was great to meet Beatrice. Her and I have been working together on so many projects for Sweden Rock Magazine. :)

Was a great evening – but I’m already jetlagged and tired and can’t wait to get some sleep so I can cope with everything that tomorrow brings!!








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