Why I love 80’s rock

Swedish rockers Dynazty are releasing their 3rd album “Sultans of Sin” tomorrow. I got the album about three weeks ago for review. As you know, if you’re reading this blog regularly, I loved it – no, I mean…. LOVEDDDD it!

So, the review I sent to the magazine will be accompanied by angel-choirs and harps!  
I also know that there will be metalheads out there who consider themselves “real” rockers, that are going to puke – cause 80’s melodic rock has just never quite been accepted. It’s always been ridiculed in one way or another. 

Don’t get me wrong – I love the stripped-down aggession that’s coming out of Dave Mustaine’s mouth just as much, and I can get my kicks from being in a fist-throwing, brutal, sweaty crowd as well.

But I love 80’s rock, it just lifts my spirits and charges my batteries every single time!

The 80’s started with the “ugly British bands”, such as Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Accept, Dio… all those bands that no chicks would EVER go see because there was a hot dude in the band. There just were no hot dudes in those bands. I guess it was Glenn Tipton from Priest or Peter Baltes from Accept that could even remotely be called chick-magnets. Sort of. 

But the 80’s that I think most of us automatically think of when we hear the term, is the carefree joyful attitude that came with the glitter and the hairspray. But the image is secondary as far as I’m concerned.

I always loved great singers, and especially those with perfect pitch – those that could sound clear as silver-bells and lift mountains with their voices at the same time.
Guys like Sebastian Bach, like most AOR-singers, whether it was Journey or Firehouse or whatever else. They made it sound so easy, but after years of vocal training I know what it takes to get a voice like that. Some of them might have been born with it – even MORE reason to admire and envy their talents.

The young dude from Dynazty is amazing. If he sounds like this at the age of 23, what will he sound like when he’s 30?! 

I always loved the 80’s music for its escapism and the positive attitude. Just do whatever makes you happy. If it makes you happy to wear crazy clothes and hair, go the fuck ahead and DO IT! :))

I love the party-vibe and the positive energy, the over-the-top stage shows that made it feel like it was New Year’s Eve every time – the pyrotechnics, the confetti, the lasers and lights, the coreography, crazy clothes and hair, just the whole production made it worth every buck to go and see it.

This is the PERFECT example of 80’s stage production extraordinaire!

I get “high” every time I hear and see this particular song, it’s pure, unleashed energy!

And that’s what the 80’s were all about.

I kind of think of it like this…. If you think of rock as the 4 seasons, then the eighties is like spring and summer

It’s about the beach and pool parties, driving with the top down, half naked guys and chicks, all the colors are like when everything starts to blossom in the spring – green trees, flowers, blue skies…. It’s just as positive time of year, just like the music.

For somebody like me, death- and black metal doesn’t work the same way. I’m definitely not criticising those who love the rougher side of the metal spectrum, just saying it’s not me. To me it’s more gloomy, it’s like winter – cold and dark. The lyrics are about everything BUT having a good time. 

When we had our “nerd-evening” here a while ago, the guys looked up this video and laughed their butts off. Why are these painted guys always running around in the woods in their videos? :)

It’s just a travesty of the genre. There are most definitely plenty of these for eighties-bands/music too. I guess Steel Panther are doing just that, full time! :)
But just for the sake of comparing:

In short, I feel more comfortable with the glitter, lights and positive outlook on life. I suppose it has a lot to do with your personality. Maybe bands like Dynazty aren’t macho enough for some people out there, but I love that album – because there’s nothing to dislike about it! :)

Here they are from the Swedish semi-finals of the Eurovision song contest, and regardless the cheesy competition – I love seeing bands like this getting this kind of exposure to the general public. And…just for the record – this song is the weakest of the ones on their album, which should give you a hint… ;) 
No more being ashamed of loving this style, it deserves a lot more credit than it gets. :-) 



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