Totally BITCHIN’!!

Yesterday was the most entertaining day in a while! I slept about 2 hours and I’ve been a zombie all day – I could scare little children now, for sure, but it was all worth it.

Yep, yesterday was STEEL PANTHER day. Interview and gig. And let me just say this…
I’ve been interviewing bands since I was 18 years old, too many people/bands to count or even remember. Well, if you’re following this blog you probably have a pretty good idea by now. Point is… I’ve never in my life done an interview like the one yesterday. :-)

I knew it would be different, and frankly, I wasn’t even sure I had the balls (well – pun intended actually) to do it. But a friend talked me into it, and after that conversation I decided that “what the hell…”. Now I’m glad I didn’t chicken out. :-D

But the interview didn’t go quite as I had expected – as if you ever CAN expect ANYTHING with these guys other than the UNexpected! I didn’t get to finish too many sentences so I guess they have answered other questions than what was originally intended, but it was hilarious. :-) The ladies from Universal were trying so hard not to laugh, I imagine they were about to explode..! :)

Will take a while to edit the video interview but it will be up here when it’s done!

And by the way – I hear that Twitter “acquired” posterous (where this blog is located…), which means that there’s a risk that this blog disappears with short notice.

If you like this stuff and don’t want to miss when and if it moves – add / like me on either Twitter or Facebook:



Whatever happens usually goes out to either one of those two channels. :)

PHOTOS from the INTERVIEW and the SHOW are already up on Facebook!

Stick around for (almost) everything else this weekend!

(Here’s a little preview from one of the backup cams. :))


  1. Ronnie Soo

    Of course I like this stuff! :DGutted about the Posterous acquisition – it’s such a great platform, so easy to use, but its days are clearly numbered now. I’ve already decamped to and an entry on Black Stone Cherry’s gig in Liverpool will appear there soon!

  2. Daniela

    I was not happy about it. I spent a good amount of time marketing this URL and build a following. I like, like you say, the simplicity, I don’t have to wade through endless “features” to find what I need. And posting videos, photos, audio and pdf was easy. WordPress is a pain in the butt – so much stuff it makes your head spin, I don’t have the patience for all that. It sucks. I should have chosen a “big-name” blog platform to begin with but this seemed quick and easy and I liked the layout. That’s what you get for betting on something new… Any suggestions on “non-nerdy” blog platforms that are as easy to use as this?? WordPress does NOT go under that category…. :-/

  3. Ronnie Soo

    To be honest, although I’m the opposite and quite like to get stuck into ‘stuff’, Posterous was attractive to me for the same reasons. There’s nothing as easy as this so far as I am aware; the nearest direct competitor is Tumblr, but I am not sure how many of the same features that offers, and in fact some people have been migrating here FROM Tumblr! I would say though, even ‘big names’ can fall flat eventually – who remembers Yahoo! Geocities, or even our old home MySpace? Basically, once you put data on ‘the cloud’ as it were, there’s always the chance that the company who hosts it will get swallowed up or superseded by the next thing. At least they’re going to give us a chance to retrieve the content on here, or so they say!I’d suggest Blogger, and I use it myself, but Google are already ‘suggesting’ users move up to Google Plus so who’s to say that ‘upgrade’ will not be forced on us yet! So to boil it down: either Tumblr or Blogger, whichever you find easier, but this shows you how web apps are out of your own hands and that goes for both of those too!

  4. Clint

    Very happy you sorted the interview, just the funpill needed after a long, scarce of gigs winter. Looking forward to seeing the results :)

  5. Clint

    Is it possible to blog at Facebook? That site seems to be staying put for a while, and it seems most people have it now. I hate the site, but if you could do what you do here, it might be an option. Or give the attic a facelift :P I doubt you can.I even lost all your Myspace stuff I copied into Word when my old computer died. Such is the way of digital media I guess.… Not sure what that’s like, Ronnie might have more of an idea.

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