LITA FORD – Living Like A Runaway

An unexpected e-mail popped up in my e-mail today.
It was from Playground Records, old business-friend Suzan who I’ve actually known since we were just teenagers back in the early nineties and bumped into eachother at every gig from Skid Row to Mr Big. :)
There was a link to the new Lita-album with a short message that said: “Enjoy!”

Man, I so wished that I could have left the office right away to just go home and BLAST it!

I couldn’t get home fast enough, and I have to admit that I’ve still got my shoes on – and bag, coat and everything else in a nice trail on the floor all the way from the hall to the computer…!

I clicked on the link to the streaming-page and turned it up to eleven.

The first three tracks left me disappointed. I mean, eventhough I love Lita’s eighties albums the most (Lita, Dangerous Curves and Stiletto), I do realize that she’s not going to sound like that again.
Especially not now, it’s not her thing to be a nostalgia-trip. She wasn’t on Wicked Wonderland and she certainly isn’t on Living Like A Runaway.

But thank GOD – after the three first less impressive songs, it totally turns around. With the title track Living Like A Runaway she delivers a great melodic song that’s not just tasteful in terms of music/melody but most definitely also lyricwise.

Quote from the bio:

“There have been days in my life when I ran away, when I was unhappy and had to get out of my previous life,” LITA confesses. “It‘s like walking through fire and being able to come through the other side unscathed.

And it continues like that. Vocally – she’s still got it. She says that her aim with this album was to give people courage and inspire, and she does that by opening up and being very personal in her lyrics. The more personal, the more people can relate and make it their own. I for one, love it.

It’s a very versitile album. It spans over several areas of rock – traditional rock, ballads, metal, even industrial, it’s a smorgasbord of styles, yet they fit together perfectly as it’s an indirect concept album with a clear goal.

Nikki Sixx contributed to the album with the song A Song To Slit Your Wrists By, a cool, heavy tune with MUCHO attitude! :)

If you get the Limited Edition digipak, you’ll also get the bonus song Bad Neighborhood, where no other than Whitesnake-guitarist Doug Aldrich provided the riffs and the chorus melody.

When Lita sings a ballad, she does it with such passion, it always moves me – and she delivers the ballad Mother straight from her heart. Beautiful.

If you’re looking for heavy guitars, hell man, you GOT it…! Lita is definitely not getting older and softer, she’s getting rougher and tougher, as befits the one and only, ultimate true metal-goddess that she is!

LITA FORD “Living Like A Runaway”
Release Date Europe:                             June 18th, 2012
Release Date Germany:                          June 15th, 2012
Release Date US/Canada:                      June 19th, 2012


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