Ozzy & Friends in Malmö, Sweden

The Ozzy gig was great. My friend Bianca came from Skovde to join me and we went to Malmo stadion around 1 PM. There were a few people in the Golden Circle line. It was raining, and was freaking COLD (it took until the next day to defrost!!), but I’d been looking forward to that gig so rain was no problem, I’ve been through worse. :)

BLS with Zakk Wylde opened. I’m not going to get into that more than necessary – let’s just say that in my humble opinion, that has got to be the most boring band on the planet. Or maybe I’m just not into the “me Tarzan you Jane“-caveman macho thing. The image doesn’t appeal to me and the music sucks. I’ve probably made a few enemies now, but hey – that’s just my  simple opinion.

So, let’s fast forward to Ozzy. :-)

It wasn’t Ozzman’s best night vocally. He fucked up a few times but guess what – he’s probably the only guy in the business that can do that and get away with it. Personally I don’t care if he sounds like Pavarotti or a sick parrot, he makes me smile!

Ozzy is the most genuine, lovable artist I’ve ever seen. It’s amazing to see this 60+ man walk out on stage and smile like a young guy who’s facing a large crowd for the first time in his whole life! Cause that’s what he looks like – he’s got the enthusiasm of a boy but the experience of a man in his golden years. I love Ozzy.

And it really has very little to do with his vocal skills or the lack thereof – Ozzy is just Ozzy and he can do whatever he wants and STILL entertain people.

I would go see him anyday just as long as his contageous, enthustiastic boyish smile is there. :-)

And the “guests”? Well – I’m probably also one of the few who prefered to see his own band, I didn’t need the “bling” – the Slashs and the Zakks. Slash is damn cool, he’s a good entertainer and a cool guitarist. Zakk is… well, if you like him, you probably know why you do. I’m not the right person to say anything. I’m sure he’s a great guy and all, but as a guitarist he’s torture. I actually found my review of the Ozzy gig at Olympen in Lund, Sweden 1989 and I was complaining about Zakk being way too eager to use his wah-wah even at THAT gig, so I suppose I was just never much a fan of his either way.

But it was a great experience to see Ozzy and Geezer together on stage. That felt real and something that made sense. Cause although Slash is cool, I don’t quite see what he’s got to do with Ozzy and Sabbath. Didn’t matter, I think a lot of people came to see him actually.

I was glad to see the Greek guitar-wizard Gus G in action again, always a pleasure. So, as far as I’m concerned, it would have been ok with just Ozzy’s regular band – but sure, it was different and fun with a few surprises. Nice touch.

I’ll leave it at that for now, WiFi about to disappear anytime now. The train to Dortmund is really a “crazy train” with no power outlets (had to charge the laptop and the cell in the little toilet where I managed to find an outlet!) and no WiFi. For a 12 hour journey! I can’t believe there ARE trains like that in 2012! Unbelievable!

And the AC is blowing right in my face, if this doesn’t make me sick, I don’t know what will.

More about the Dortmund trip when I reach civilization again in about 8 hours!


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