Gimme the microphone…! :)

I’ve been 100% absorbed working on a song all evening. I had almost forgotten that magical feeling, when you’re creating something, and you get to watch it grow into something really cool as a result of your work. :-) 

Six years ago I felt that urge to record a song, so I called the best musicians, who I knew would be perfect for that particular song, and we spent many fun but also tough hours in the studio recording the Savatage-song “Summer’s Rain“.

I’ve posted it here before, but in case you just got here for the first time, this is the song I’m talking about:

Now I got a few top-notch musicians again, some of the best at what they do, and it feels great to be working with them. It’s so inspiring to hear all their ideas and just see their energy and enthusiasm.

All the guys have been so full of cool ideas that this thing would have turned into a 20-minute Led Zeppelin or Purple type of song, to fit it all in. We had to choose the best parts.

No details yet, there will be more about this soon enough. And when this project is finished, there is more music, more songs, more upcoming projects – this “all star”-thing will continue (with additions of other people), because it’s fun and it’s a great opportunity for everybody to play with other musicians that they maybe wouldn’t have worked with otherwise.

Oh yeah, here’s another “old sin” by the way….. :-D
Back in the very late 90’s I asked my “little brother” Chris Laney (multi-musician and producer at Polar Studios – where ABBA recorded their albums) for a song that had a summer-vibe to it, a mix between hard rock and summer-hit for the radio, kind of like Lita Ford’sKiss Me Deadly“. Just an upbeat, fun type of song.

He brought me “Ride The Future“.
As the extremely busy guy that he was – and is even more now, he invited me over to his own studio, Platform studio in Stockholm in 2001, to record this inbetween his mixing of a Candlemass-record and whatever else he was up to at the time.

The thing was – I hadn’t heard the song even ONCE before recording it! So, the way we did this was that he sang it to me – line by line and then we recorded it that way…! Line by line. I didn’t even know how the song ended…! :)

As the producer he is, he also wanted me to sing in a different style than I normally do, with more of a “girlie baby-voice”, which I didn’t quite like – but… I love the song! So did the reviewers, here’s one of the reviews for this one:


“Daniela is from Sweden and her debut single song demo packs a mighty punch. 

Loaded with hot guitar layers and a great singalong chorus ‘Ride The Future’ purrs along in similar style to Aina, Alyson Avenue and No Doubt and is perfect for the radio. 

The song does have some modern alternative loops in the mix, thus the resemblance’s to No Doubt , but with a killer “woh, woh” Europe style chorus, and great vocals you can’t fail but to love this song, I was hooked from the first play as this song has huge crossover potential.

Honestly this is a fantastic song and I really can’t wait to hear more from the delicious Daniela in the future. Interview soon.

Nick Baldrian

Fireworks magazine, UK”


I wish I could have done the vocals at some other, better time and actually nail it. This was a super-quick recording, but I was grateful that he had time to do this for me at all. The guy is one of the best songwriters I know, music runs through his veins!

So yeah – it’s time for more on Saturday. When it’s all done, I’ll reveal the people involved and how this whole thing came about…! :-))




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