So let me introduce to you…..! [Part 3]

So the time has come to present one more guy involved in “the recording project” – an aquaintance from way back!





I knew what I wanted to do with my life when I was 11 years old and saw Peter Criss‘ huge drum kit. That’s my first memory of wanting to take on drumming.

I was 16 when I joined my first band, Syrinx – named after the Rush song “Temple of Syrinx” from the album 2112. The band underwent a few changes and eventually developed into a slightly more familiar band around here – Wizzy Blaze

One of the hightlights for the band was participating in the Swedish nationwide music competition “Rock SM”, a competition which was won by Europe in 1982, that landed them their first record deal. That competition was a huge deal for bands back in those days. We went to the semi finals in 1987 but that was the end of the road for us. 
Wizzy Blaze split up and some of the members continued on to forming another band: Nasty Idols.

I decided to go in a different direction and joined a band called Lost Angels, but that only lasted a short period as I was about to get back in touch with some old friends again..

In 1992 Nasty Idols were hit by a tragedy, when their drummer George Swanson was diagnosed with cancer, and I was asked to join the band. I stayed with Nasty Idols up until the reunion in 2006 when Rikki Dahl took over the drumming duties.

There was another short side-track during the mid-90’s when Nasty Idols-frontman Andy Pierce and I, along with some guys from the hardcore band AntiCimex, formed Machinegun Kelly.
We only recorded one album but you can still find it in Europe and the US.

But after the years with Nasty Idols, I made a radical decision and left the band-scene. I was fed up with the whole “being-in-a-band“-deal, so I walked away from it and started to teach drums instead.

There have been some shorter projects here and there that I decided to join for the fun of it, but basically I’m my own boss nowadays,  which suits me perfectly.

In 2010 I hooked up with the cover-band Excellent Dudes, a band that’s seen a bunch of really cool guest-stars/members – like drummer Johan Helgesson (who’s played with ex-Iron Maiden singer Paul DiAnno‘s band) and singer Pete Sandberg (former Alien) for instance.

I also did a cool “all-star” gig with guys from Crazy Lixx, Bonafide and Nasty Idols for the Swedish Rock Exhibition “RockMässan” afterparty last year, that was a fun evening.

Right now I’m kind of back in the mood again, putting together a sleaze band. We expect to be recording an album some time next year.


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