Back to normal

Just remembered that if you’re only following this blog by subscription (or “manually”) and not through Facebook ( ) or Twitter (@lita77777 ) I forgot to mention that the past few weeks I’ve been updating from the Firewind tour in the other blog:

I’ve had a wonderful time, although exhausting – ended up at the doctor after the tour for exhaustion. Apparently, it’s not good to not sleep and then keep yourself awake on energy-drinks and caffeine gum, and then not drink water or well… eat?! Who knew?? :)

So, after a few weeks of doing that, my body was pissed off at me. But everything is back to normal and I’ve still got a smile on my face, it was great!

Everything is either in the Firewind-blog, photos on the Facebook-page and videos – looots of videos, on my YouTube-channel: 

and…not to be missed (haha!):

So – things are back to normal for a few weeks at least, then it’s time for Steel Panther. Also, the last part of the presentations from my recording project is coming up, only one guy left – bassist Henrik, also known as “the camera man” who’s been filming all my video interviews the past two years. A versatile guy indeed! Stay tuned for that.


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