Happy New 2013! Blog moving.

Happy New Year 2013! I guess it’s just another day, but at the same time I’m very excited about everything that lies ahead this year! When I checked my calendar yesterday, it’s already filled with all kinds of things, so lots of stuff to look forward to 2013. :-)

One bad thing though, is that Posterous, where I’ve been hosting this blog for the past year and more, is about to close down. It’s been aquired by Twitter and now they are offering users a possibility to download and backup all their blogs – which kind of signals that this won’t be around much longer.

No date has been set as “the death of posterous” but I’m pretty sure it’s coming. So, not to be taken too much by surprise, I’ve moved to an easier URL, it’s pretty much the same – but without the “posterous”: www.lita77777.com 

The Firewind-blog will get its own new domain as well. If you like this blog and it just disappears one day, check my Twitter and Facebook-pages to get the latest updates, or just e-mail me:

TWITTER: http://twitter.com/lita77777

FACEBOOK: www.facebook.com/intherearviewmirror

E-MAIL: intherearviewmirror@ymail.com

So, it’s business as usual but elsewhere. I will be using Posterous for as long as I can though, as it’s the best and easiest blog-interface I’ve ever used. I just wish somebody could steal it, rename it and just continue… No need for any video-embedding, it does that automatically, you just press a button and it creates a photo-gallery where you can quickly and easily rearrange everything…

All that WordPress crap is nowhere near as easy. Every other blog-interface has a million functions that takes forever to figure out. This has been a “plug and play” thing, absolutely brilliant.

It’s a pain in the ass when good stuff disappears and there’s nothing better offered to take its place. :-( I’m bummed about it, especially after spending so much time and effort marketing the blog and its location. But hey – it’s like the death of MySpace and we all survived that as well. :)


Anyway – I’ll be here for as long as I can, so see you soon and hope you all had a great New Years Eve. :)


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