BAD BLOOD (opening) NIGHT with Crucified Barbara

A new rock club in town opened  last night – Bad Blood Night. On stage: Godass and Crucified Barbara. As it was the international women’s day the day before, that was the theme of the evening – rocking, wild, headbanging women!

Quite honestly, I wasn’t in the mood to go out at all. It was cold as fuck too so I would have just wanted to stay at home and work on an article.

But when somebody makes an effort to keep the live music scene alive, I’m sure as hell dragging my ass over there to support it!

Besides, Crucified Barbara is a kickass live band. Might not be my type of band to listen to at home – but LIVE they put on quite a show and rock people’s butts off! :)

Spoke to Pontus, the promotor of the Swedish metal convention, earlier in the evening and he was going to the premiere too. The only difference was that he WAS in a party mood so I was probably the worst person to deal with as I just pretty much wanted to see the gigs and leave. :)

Anyhoo…. Going to rock clubs in my home town means that get to see many familiar faces – people who I’ve seen hanging in the bar, holding on to their beer, for the past 20 years, people who know who I am, who I have no idea who they are – or people that I HAVE met, but don’t recognize. That’s quite embarrassing actually. I’m so bad with names and faces, I just don’t remember.

It’s not that I’m a stuck up bitch for not remembering people, it’s just something I’ve always had a problem with. So a lot of times I don’t know if I’m supposed to know the person who so happily greets me, or not.

With a few exceptions of course.

The club was at Moriskan, centrally located, in the “Mirror hall”. Pretty good stage for a small club too. When I walked in, Godass were onstage. I think I’ve seen them before but I don’t remember where. Good band – it’s good when someone who doesn’t know the band’s songs still wants to stick around and see their whole set. :)

After a short changeover, it was time for the kickass girls of Crucified Barbara to take over the stage. You get the “One-two-three-FOUR!!” and GO!-type of show with that band. A few guys who had just walked in, asked me before the show who was playing, and when I told them that they sounded kinda like Motorhead they stayed. I saw them briefly after the show – they loved it! :)

My paths have crossed with Crucified Barbara a few times. They toured with Jon Oliva’s Pain, then me and a photographer from Sweden Rock Magazine followed the band the whole day for a long “hour by hour” report when they were recording a TV-show. It was a long day but these girls are fun to be around.

Singer/guitarist Mia also showed up at my birthday-bash a couple of years ago. And guitarist Klara Force and I were both DJ’s one evening at Club Distortion. It’s just the type of band that shows up when you least expect it. :)

The crowd loved them, some of them even worshipped them. I’d call it a successful gig, for sure!

And the music that was playing from the DJ booth was great too, cause they didn’t play the most obvious songs from the bigger bands – but well known, yet “obscure” songs. I like that.

I’m sure that it was a great club evening after the gig, but I didn’t stay to find out. I was just so tired and wanted to just call it a night…

The band Grand Slam‘s Ivana had been standing there in the front right next to me, and she went: “You’re like a ghost, you show up somewhere when you least expect it!”

In a way, I guess she’s right. :) I don’t go out too much in Malmo anymore, just focusing on travelling out of the country for gigs most of the time.

The last thing I heard before I left was a guy who walked up to me and asked if I was Daniela P from such-and-such newspaper, and I said yes. He fucking STILL remembered a review I once wrote about Black Sabbath (w. Tony Martin) in Copenhagen 1989!! Holy shit.

I rushed out the door after the show like Cinderella, and thank god I did. I was so tired that I passed out on the couch with makeup on, the TV, lights and computer on… Woke up this morning looking like Alice Cooper with that horrible “I didn’t get to brush my teeth last night“-feeling. The worst! Yuck.

I liked the vibe, if people support this club it will be great. A club without live music is not interesting to me. But as soon as there is a band – I’m there!

Looking forward to next time, it’s about time, Malmo needs more gigs..!

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