Just live it

Was thinking about a friend’s reaction the other day when we were talking about concerts and how many times we’ve seen certain bands. My record so far is without a doubt the Firewind-shows. Somehow those added up to about 36 in two years – all over the globe. He shook his head saying I was nuts.

I guess it has to do with perspective and how we all choose to view things.

Imagine that someone told you that you had a deadly disease with only one month left to live. What would be more crazy – sitting in front of the TV or doing the things you truly love to do and get your kicks from -while you still could? I guess that in THAT perspective maybe more people would understand.

We all tend to assume that our last day on earth is somewhere far in the future. We think that there’s plenty of time to do stuff “someday“. Guess what – there is no day in the calendar called “Someday“!

There is Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Pick one of those.

Cause the truth is that you never really know if that last day is 50 years from now or next week. Life is so unpredictable and anything could happen.

The way I look at it is that if I got hit by a truck tomorrow, I would have no regrets and I would move on to the afterlife with a smile. Cause I lived my life the way I wanted, the way that was right for me and the way that made me happy. Nothing else matters. Ever.

I’ve seen people close to me give up on their dreams, and I don’t want to be another one in that “club”.

My aunt loved cooking, she dreamed of becoming a professional chef and wanted to work in a restaurant. But back in those days, in the 40’s, women’s place was at home. So, she got marred, had kids and became a housewife. When I talked with her a few years ago, she still had little stars in her eyes when she talked about and remembered that dream she once had.

My dad wanted to become a captain on a ship, he always wanted to be at sea and dreamed about maybe having his own boat. Well, he moved to Sweden as a young man, met my mother, they had me and….well, life changed. He worked his whole life as a sheet-metal worker for a shipping company, a really tough job. It was only to provide for the family. But he never got a boat and he never became a captain. I think that deep inside he still wishes that life had turned out differently.

My childhood friend was born a week after me, she was a very smart girl, adventurous, driven, full of dreams and expectations. At the age of 30 she was hit by leucemia and died within a few months of her diagnose. She never got to fulfil any of her dreams either.

So – the term “crazy” means different things to different people I guess.

Money, time, normality… none of that matters. Just do whatever you need to do to feel content and to get your kicks. If that means painting or bungy jumping or riding horses or whatever the hell rocks your boat – go for it!

I love the road, and I love rock’n’roll. I’m not gonna live forever. So I’m living it NOW. In my world that’s pretty damn “un-crazy” …….. :)

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