Gus G to the Swedish Metal Convention in October

Photo: *** GUS G TILL ROCKMÄSSAN 2013 *** Vi har glädjen att presentera Gus G som vår första gäst till Rockmässan 2013. Han är mest känd som frontmannen i Firewind och fick rollen som Ozzy Osbournes gitarrist efter att Zakk Wylde och Ozzy gick skilda vägar. Gus är född i Thessaloniki, Grekland och är idag känd som en av världens bästa gitarrister. Redan år 2003 kom han på tredje plats som världens bästa gitarrist i Japanska tidningen BURRN! Ni kommer att kunna se Firewind spela på Sweden Rock Festival i år.

It was announced yesterday:

Gus G will be visiting Malmo, Sweden in October to attend the Swedish Metal Conventon.

Needless to say, considering that I’ve seen this guy all over the freaking GLOBE with either Ozzy or Firewind the past two years, I’m definitely happy about his participation at the convention.

It’s a great event, cause usually top-notch musicians do clinics – but people who aren’t musicians themselves (just fans of their work) may feel misplaced at a clinic.

Then there’s the VIP-meet-and-greet packages, that…. well, never been a fan of those. I absolutely understand the reason behind them, as people are downloading music for free nowadays and it’s more difficult for artists to get paid for their work. Money has to come from somewhere, it’s not free to tour or to make albums. Hence the VIP-packages. But, not something that I would do personally.

The convention however, is open for all metalheads and for the curious. Fans and artists get to meet in a very relaxed atmosphere – eventhough there are enthusiastic and stoked fans standing in long lines to get their CD’s signed, say a few words to the visiting artists or take a photo. :-)

There are still the more niched segments to enjoy at the convention as well – the Q & A, clinics or like last year when Mike Tramp did a very down-to-earth acoustic set in a small conference room. When would you ever get the chance to see something like that elsewhere? :)

Gus is an amazing guitarist and performer, and on top of that also a really nice guy. And as icing on the cake, there will be at least one album-release this year: The Firewind live CD from the 10-year anniversary shows in Athens and Thessaloniki (those were amazing by the way), and maybe – just maybe, also Gus G’s first real solo album. And I KNOW that I’m not the only one looking very much forward to that.

[Gus with OZZY – Westfalenhalle in Dortmund, Germany last year]

But, first thing’s first. Going to Dortmund, Germany to see Firewind at the Rock in den Ruinen festival now in April – and then there’s of course Sweden Rock Festival where you’ll find Firewind on the 4Sound stage (also more known as the classic Zeppelin-stage) stage June 7th (Friday) 13.45 to 14.45.

See you all there!

[From the anniversary show in Thessaloniki back in December where Gus decided to take a dive into the crowd ;P]

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