If all interviews were like this

Travelling all over the place to see bands, is not only about the travelling, the music or the adventure. There is yet another important aspect of it, and is something that I truly value. It’s getting to know people. Friendships, plan and simple.

It started in 1989 with Skid Row. That was the first band that I travelled around to see live everywhere. Up until a few years ago, it was the band that I had seen the most times, but that has been far surpassed by Firewind since then.

If I had only seen one of their shows, there obviously wouldn’t have been a platform for friendship.  But, we were all young and it happened, and even after all this time, we’re still glad to see eachother – anytime, anywhere.

Scotti Hill walked out of a photo-session at Sweden Rock last time Skid Row played there a few years ago, cause he was so glad to see a familiar face that he just ran over to give me a hug.

Then I met Sebastian Bach at the Swedish Metal Convention two years ago. In this short video sequence he mentions that we’ve known eachother for 25 years. It’s a long time, but it doesn’t feel like it. :) I love those guys (regardless what they think of eachother) they will always be special to me.

Then there’s the “smaller” bands who went from “interview-objects” to friends who I love catching up with anywhere in the world. Jon Oliva’s Pain bassplayer Kevin for instance, really became a friend for life. And the girls and boys in the Oliva-crew, they rock. We’re all travelling people, so of course, we get to see eachother every now and then, still.

We’re all just people – some you just simply click with. Especially when we all share the love for music (which is a total dealbreaker for me) :-)

When I started travelling all over Europe (and a few states in the US…) to see Firewind, I eventually got to know those guys one by one as well. But for some reason I didn’t get to talk with Apollo the first two years. The first time I did was in Hamburg last year, and I noticed that we had a very similar taste in music. And as we’re also the same age and grew up in Sweden, it was just easy to find topics to discuss.

[Spooky looking but fantastic sounding Apollo with Evil Masquerade]

Before a gig in Kolding, Denmark, I showed him to the nearest 7Eleven that he was looking for, and then took a short stroll around the small town (not a soul outside that day for some reason, maybe it was a Sunday, I don’t remember).
That was definitely when I could establish that Apollo was a great dude. Very easygoing, down to earth, unpretentious.

So when it was announced that he had decided to leave Firewind, I thought it was a shame that I wouldn’t see him on tour anymore. But then it hit me, what the hell, he lives in Sweden, how hard could it be to get back in touch?!
I just dropped him a line.

And so after a few mails and phonecalls, he drove down here to Malmo yesterday afternoon. Did a video interview because I figured it would be good if he was given an opportunity to explain, in his own words, why he left Firewind – after being with the band for ten years.

Up until now the statements have been from the others in the band. Time to hear it straight from the “horse’s mouth”. I’m glad he took the time, I think it turned out really well – so stick around for that.

Had brunch before we got started, just chit-chatted about bands, tours, albums – all the stuff that I could spend hours talking about. :)

It would have been great if all interviews could be this relaxed. To be able to do an interview in a home-setting without the stress of soundchecks, gigs or other journalists stomping outside the door – is pure luxury.

“The camera guy” Henrik and Mari instantly liked Apollo as well, he’s simply a very likeable person. Well, all the Firewind-guys are, actually. :)

Apollo is still a busy guy these days. He had a rehearsal to get back to with Spiritual Beggars, as their tour is kicking off in Germany next week. I’m taking time off to catch the gig in Hamburg next Monday. Should be interesting. Not normally what I’d listen to, but curious to see Apollo in a different setting.

The video-interview will be uploaded soon of course, as soon as Henrik’s had a chance to make something really cool with it. :)

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