That gig didn’t go too well

Sitting at Gatwick airport, killing time… I wish I could say that the Thunder/Whitesnake/Journey gig yesterday was as great as the previous one, but the day was somehow cursed and there were plenty of reasons why I wasn’t in the right state of mind for the gig.

It started raining when I arrived at Wembley Park station, and when I was about to check in, the guy went: “Ah yes, miss P, you booked two rooms”. What? No, I didn’t book TWO rooms?!
Turns out that the cancellation I made through never went through and with their rates being as much as my monthly rent, I saw money flying out the window for nothing. I already had to pay in full for another hotel that I cancelled too late. Long story, some other time…. The manager saved me though, said he would call and cancel my second reservation. Thank god, it was expensive as it was….

Felt tired and feverish, fell asleep and slept so deep that I almost wanted to just stay in bed all evening but of course I couldn’t.
Then at the show, I was showed my seat, everything good – or so I thought… until it started filling up in my row and it turned out that I had been seated in the wrong row – but Thunder had already started playing by then so I had two fat, drunk brits in front of my face waving their beers, stepping on my toes and my things.
I couldnt enjoy Thunder, which I had been looking forward to. They WERE brilliant though, I noticed that much.

So, when they were done, I nicely asked the girl behind me to move as it was in fact my seat. But when Whitesnake went on it was like being in a cafe – people kept walking in and out, back and forth, getting their fucking beer, going to the toilet, getting food…. Jesus christ, is it a rock concert or a restaurant?!

I just couldnt get in the right mood. Probably because it was seated and I was way in the back – I mean, I could see everything okay, but when that eye-contact isn’t there, it’s like watching a DVD, just not the same. Not for me anyway.

I felt pretty low when I left Wembley, cause I had been looking forward to the show but I didn’t get that kick this time. It wasn’t the band, it was just the circumstances and sometimes that can be enough to just throw you out of gear so to speak…

I went back to the hotel and went straight to bed. Got 4 hours of sleep and now I’m at the busy Gatwick airport waiting for my flight home.
Will be incredibly stressful the next few weeks. All reviews from Sweden Rock must be handed in before I go on vacation, and I know how I usually feel after the festival – like I’ve been run over by a truck.
I’m just grumpy right now, hopefully I’ll find my way back to a smile pretty soon…

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