Back to life, back to music

It’s been a little more than a month since I lost my dad. During that time, I really haven’t been in the mood for anything, least of all music. Haven’t listened to any new albums, haven’t been to any gigs, nothing.

I cancelled everything that I had planned before dad died – Whitesnake in Zagreb, Graspop Metal Meeting in Belgium… Richard from the UK was kind enough to send me a few CD’s that I normally would have listened to right away with great curiosity. But I haven’t even taken them out of their sleeves yet.

But two days ago, I decided to try out my new Motörheadphones on my way to work, and my favorite album of all time – Screaming For Vengeance (Judas Priest) started playing. It was probably the most perfect way to get “back to life”.

Things are slowly going back to “normal”. My dear friend Bianca is coming to visit me on Wednesday for the Iron Maiden concert at Malmö Stadion. First show since SRF – and it’s going to be great, Maiden and the Swedish fans have a special relationship, it’s always a fantastic vibe at their shows here.

The opening act is Sabaton, another great live band that’s loved by the crowd over here.

But most of all I’m very excited about Lita Ford coming to Sweden later this month. I asked for an interview, still don’t know if it’s gonna happen or not – but either way, I can’t wait to see her live.

She screwed up her gig at Sweden Rock years ago, but it was explained to me later why it turned out the way it did, some things that had happened that day.

She doesn’t have that problem anymore so I know she’s going to be amazing. Seeing your childhood idol is something rather special, I’m stoked.

I miss my dad terribly. I won’t even get into all that, there’s no point bringing other people down with sad things – and not even my dad would have wanted that. His best friend told me that he used to say “when I’m gone, I don’t want to be cried over. Raise your glass for me and enjoy life”.

Dad is in my heart forever, he’s the most amazing, wonderful human being I’ve ever known. I’m gonna make him proud by looking ahead and start doing all the things that make me happy. That’s all he ever wanted, and I’ll honor that. He left a void that can never be filled, but he loved life too and he never let anything bring him down.

Dad – I raise my glass for you and I hope you’re here somewhere to toast with me from the other side….

One comment

  1. Ronnie

    Welcome back :)
    I like the idea of Motörheadphones, 10/10 for marketing ploy there!
    Didn’t do Download so missed Maiden, TBH I haven’t seen Maiden for a few years now but hope you have a great time, Sabaton I’ve seen twice; once in Finland and once here in Liverpool! They are good live, their Liverpool gig was supporting Dragonforce a couple of years back. Hope you get your interview with Lita, she’s sure been through a lot and I’d love to see her live again myself, cos it’s been 30 YEARS since last time!

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