Off to Seoul – Ozzytime!

I had barely landed in Sweden after the Guitar Universe tour, before I started feeling restless again. Yes, there’s Sweden Rock Festival next week, but that’s “home”. Then there’s Rob Zombie in Rome, Italy later in June. But after that… jesus christ, there was NOTHING.

But…. when you least expect it – The Random Destination Generator, Gus G, tweeted something that I just read as “Ozzy” and “Korea”. BAM! There you go! Problem solved! THAT shall be my next destination!

Much to my surprise, it wasn’t that expensive with flights there either. And with the miles I earned with Emirates for the business class trip to Australia back in November, I’ll get it even cheaper! :D

Can’t WAIT to fly with Emirates again, the best airline ever!

Also, really really stoked about seeing Ozzy solo again, with that lineup. I think they have such a great chemistry on stage: Adam, Blasko, Tommy and Gus. Nevermind the fact that I’ll be seeing Ozzy with Black Sabbath in a few days, it’s not quite the same.

So, it took me all freaking evening to figure out how to get a concert ticket for the event, as everything was in Korean and the website was designed in a way where most of the text was in pictures, which means that you can’t run Google translator on it. But I’m hopelessly stubborn, once I’ve decided on something, it’s just gonna work. So, after clicking on everything, ten times over I finally managed to get myself a ticket to that festival. Awesome!


Next thing was finding a hotel near the stadium. Turns out that HOTELS in Korea aren’t quite what we expect over here. Most of the hotels were small, privately run and most of all – lots and lots of dormitories and bunkbeds to choose from…! The one I eventually found was less than 1 km from the stadium, only 3 minutes with the no 6 subway line. Had great reviews, so eventhough there was no private bathroom, I’m okay with that. Some of the places I’ve chosen in Europe before with “shared bathroom” is all good, it’s just outside your door and usually clean.

I even went on Youtube to learn a few tourist phrases in Korean, might come in handy!

Like I’ve said before, I’m not a tourist traveller. If I’m gonna travel, it’s for music. And I doubt that I would ever have ended up in South Korea just to look at houses or whatever. So this is perfect – VERY different, exotic – and exciting. A little scary too because it’s so far different from anything I know (travelling to Australia is no big deal, it’s just like going to the UK, only farther away… People know the language and it’s the same type of western society as here). But THIS – requires guts for a solo female traveller. I’m taking on the challenge and looking forward to the adventure, once again! :D

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