THAT blew me away!

So I was talking to a member of a band that are planning a comeback. He asked if he could send me a few songs (just demos, but it would still give me an idea) just to get someone else’s opinion.

I know the feeling, when you’re in the middle of a creative process, sometimes you can’t see the forest for all the trees. Even Rob Halford said that recently when we were talking about Priest’s new album “Redeemer of Souls”. It took him a month to be able to just listen to and enjoy the album without thinking about all the things he would like to change.

I’ve gotta be honest… The cynic in me thought that the material would probably need a bit of polishing, simply cause the band hasn’t been active for so long.
At first I figured there was no rush – I would listen to it the next morning. I was on my way to go to bed and was tired. But then, being the curious mind that I am, I couldn’t resist opening just ONE of those songs, what the hell, it couldn’t hurt…

I’m not kidding when I say that I just sat bolt upright within seconds with my eyes wide open going: “FUCKING HELL…! This stuff is GREAT!!” I rarely get that excited about anything nowadays.

I hate to say that I’m jaded, cause my passion for music hasn’t faded one bit – it just takes a lot for me to react so spontaneously and so strong to anything nowadays. I review albums regularly and most of the time it’s with a surpressed jawn as the quality of albums in general is either lower now than it was 20 years ago, or maybe I just have higher standards, I don’t know.
Every once in a blue moon, I react this way. I think that the last time it happened must have been maybe 3-4 years ago.

If these songs are just DEMOS, I can’t WAIT to hear the finished production! I sat there with a silly grin absolutely loving what I heard. Why the hell haven’t they done anything with this material all these years?! What a waste of time and resources! If this had been out in the stores right now, as a full-length CD, I would have been hanging at the door right now to get it. Or, well… downloaded it at least, like we do nowadays. ;)

I get such a kick out of this, because it so rarely happens that any band surprises me this way. Three songs is all it takes sometimes – if it’s the RIGHT songs. I wish I could share them with everyone here and now, but my hands are tied. I promised to keep a low profile and I will. I’m looking forward to the day when this is officially released. Patience is not my forte, but stuff like this is worth the wait!

I just hope that the band can wash off any old stigmas, old preconceptions of what they’re about and what they “probably” sound like – cause I’m pretty sure that some people won’t give them the time of day when they hear the band name and remember what they used to be about all those years ago. This is a refreshed band, turning a new page, starting with a clean slate. And they deserve a break.

The nearest comparison would be Blackie Lawless trying to wash off his “blood and guts”-image with W.A.S.P. It took a long time but I think he did well.

My fingers are crossed so hard for this band now, cause the material is just way too good to be collecting dust in a drawer somewhere. It’s new, fresh and kicks ass! And I won’t be the first or last to love the new songs. One of the few things I would gladly pay for today.

I hope to god they find a good label in Europe for this! Until then, I’ll be spinning those demos, digging like a true Beavis & Butthead! :)




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