Metal non stop

I haven’t posted anything in a while – and it’s not because nothing’s been happening. Quite the opposite. When too much is happening, I don’t have time for blogging, other than very short updates in social media at best.

This past week I’ve spent at Sweden Rock Festival, followed by three days in Tampa, Florida meeting up with the Savatage/TSO guys Paul O’Neill, Jon Oliva, Al Pitrelli and Jeff Plate. Had a chat with Chris Caffery over the phone when I got home, and have spent three days transcribing 3 hours worth of interviews. And listening to Gus G’s new album “Brand New Revolution” for review as well…

Everything has been about music. And it strikes me that THAT is where I’m home and that’s where I belong. I find it very hard to relate to people who don’t share that passion. Or rather, who don’t like music particularly at all.

I do wish that I was on tour all year round, that would be my idea of a perfect life. Not because it’s easy or anything – I do know the pros and cons, but it’s where I’m supposed to be. I can talk about music, listen to music and watch gigs day in and day out, and never get tired of it.

Anyway, there will be photos, videos, stories, interviews, the works, but it might be a few more weeks until I’ve handed in the articles that I have a deadline on and had a chance to breathe. :)

No rest for the wicked! :D

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