Lemmy: Continue to raise hell on the other side……

I was sitting on Facebook scrolling through the usual buzz… at 2 am in the morning. When something caught my eye. “Is it true that Lemmy is dead?” someone asked. I shook my head with a little smile thinking that it had to be the usual rumors, of COURSE. Lemmy just turned 70 on Christmas eve, surely he was very much alive. Right?

Then it started pouring in. Eddie Trunk, Ozzy, Sharon Osbourne, Blabbermouth and then EVERYTHING and EVERYONE, it spread like wildfire. There was no doubt about it. Lemmy has left us.

We’re losing our icons one by one… and I shouldn’t be surprised. In a way we should be more surprised he survived as long as he did with the lifestyle he chose for himself. But I still react with disbelief, it takes a long time to fully UNDERSTAND it.

Lemmy is not just another musician. He’s not just another rock star. He was the most authentic symbol of true badass rock’n’roll there ever was – he LIVED it, BREATHED it, his whole persona WAS rock’n’roll! He dedicated his entire life for it and became the symbol of rock for every single person on the planet who ever loved the lovely dirtiness of rock’n’roll. Always outspoken, never afraid of anything, not even death itself.

It’s going to be all over the place now. But I still won’t be able to quite take it in. Some people are just NEVER supposed to die… They’re above all that. I couldn’t believe it when Dio passed away and I took it so personal, it hurt like I had lost a family member.

I may not have been the biggest Motorhead fan on the planet, but Lemmy was so much more than Motorhead, it’s a very sad day….

His name, music and spirit will remain immortal. It’s just his body that gave up. Continue to raise hell Lemmy, I’m pretty sure there will be no rest on the other side now. Thank you for being such a badass and inspiration to us all while you were among us. And see you soon…


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