Monsters of Rock Cruise 2018, it’s ON! :)

The Monsters of Rock Cruise, MORC, last year was a memory for life.
I’ve always loved the sea, so being out there, surrounded by the Carribean sea with a light breeze blowing through my hair was wonderful.

There was music and good times everywhere from morning to evening, but at night, it was all peaceful and quiet.

I had a balcony cabin and I felt incredibly privileged when I fell asleep watching the bright moon light up the water surface like a mirror, and then woke up early in the morning to almost complete silence, only the sound of waves splashing against the ship, to watch the sun rise. It was spectacular.

Apart from that, I’m at home on a boat full of rockers. That’s my “tribe”, that’s where I belong. :)


I was there for Madam X, first and foremost, I love their passion and energy, and they’re just simply great people and great musicians.
They rocked that ship.

Then of course there was another good friend, Gus G and “his boys”, all of them great guys that I’ve gotten to know through the years. He kicked ass as well.

I didn’t think I would get to do it all again, until the announcement for 2018 Monsters of Rock Cruise was made recently. The lineup made me lose my breath, pretty much. It’s like tailor made for me. :)

Madam X again – don’t miss it! They have the most dedicated fan, there were people from all over the planet who came to see them on the cruise. And they didn’t disappoint anyone, those shows were loud and freaking awesome!

Lita Ford – my number one role model, inspiration, idol. She had a lot to do with the person I am today, because she was the only female rocker back in those days who was successful but embraced her femininity. All other female rockers all looked like dudes and I couldn’t quite relate. Lita was different and I loved her for it. I still think she kicks ass – and I’m still stoked that she included a photo from our interview – that was in this blog – in her biography. :)

The Quireboys – the BEST live-band I can think of. I’d say that the only competition they’ve got would be Whitesnake/David Coverdale. Other than that, they blow me away, every single time. There’s something genuine about this band, a love for what they do and a spark that never dies. Spike is the ultimate frontman, he’ll probably die on stage. I was so impressed when he managed to engage a whole audience all alone, a capella at Sweden rock – sitting on a chair with a broken leg! Well, he moved everything else that he was able to move, and did it with the biggest grin ever. That band is a GUARANTEE for a good time and I’m so excited that they’ll be on the cruise!

Pretty Maids – another kickass liveband that never disappoints their audience. After almost four decades of kicking ass, they KNOW their business better than anybody. And I happen to know that it’s 100% genuine, it’s a love for rock’n’roll that shines through. As if that wasn’t enough, my “little brother” Chris Laney joined the band last year and he’s handling the keyboards, guitar and vocals. I’ve known that guy since he was a teenager and he’s got music running through his veins, incredibly talented musician and a wonderful guy, so that’s a band I won’t miss on the cruise, for sure!

Thunder – wow and wow. The finest of the finest of British hard rock. Amazing musicians, great songs, great live performances… They opened for Whitesnake a few years ago, and gave the snakes a good run for the money. The hair is shorter and “greyer” nowadays but you forget about all that once they start doing their thing. I love this band!

Doro – she’s adorable, a powerhouse metal queen with a love for rock’n’roll that you just can’t miss. I admire her in so many ways. She’s really dedicated her whole life for music and she lives it, one hundred per cent. Won’t be missing her this time either.

L A Guns is one of those bands I remember from wayyyy back in the day. I met them for an interview in London once when they were opening for Skid Row – sat with Phil Lewis and Kelly Nickels and both left such a bad, arrogant impression that I couldn’t stand them for years. However, I can’t deny that they’ve done some pretty great songs, so I’ll bury the hatchet and go check them out. :)

Loudness kicked some good ass at Sweden Rock, that will be cool to see again. And, yet another friend of mine is handling booking and management for this band so I hope to see many familiar faces on this cruise as well. :)

It’s the ultimate escape from everyday life. You get all this fantastic music, all this “let’s kick ass and have a great time“-energy, all day and all night, you let it charge your batteries, fill your heart & soul with love and joy, while the sun is burning your skin on pool deck. :) What could be better than that?

It’s really like being in a dream for a few days, and in case anyone wants to know if it’s worth the money: Hell YES! 

I can’t wait to do this again. :) Miami, Haiti and Jamaica, can’t wait to see you! :D



2016 is coming to an end and, being true to my habit, it’s time to do a 2016 recap.

Compared to previous concert-years, this year has been less busy. I haven’t flown to 50 cities all over the world to see whoever, but instead, it’s been about TWO main events that were both something out of the ordinary, a lot more expensive than the usual gigs (which is why I couldn’t go all in with everything else) but that brought memories for life:

1. MONSTERS OF ROCK CRUISE (Shredders Of The Deep, February 22-26)
[Miami Florida – Nassau Bahamas – Great Stirrup Cay Bahamas]


2 . DESERT TRIP – Indio, California (October 7, 8, 9)


It’s hard to beat those experiences – ESPECIALLY Desert Trip that has left such lasting, fantastic memories that I feel extremely blessed and privileged for having been there. All those legends one after another, the camaraderie that quickly built between perfect strangers was nothing short of amazing.

Paul McCartney has always been a “god” in my life, since I was 8 years old, so that night was such a strong experience that I couldn’t stop bawling my eyes out, I was just to taken by the whole thing.

Stones – and especially Keith Richards, coolest man on the planet – is the ultimate band, there is nobody that can compete with these guys and their 50+ years in the business. There is a reason why they’re still performing the biggest arenas in the world.

Bob Dylan, Neil Young, The Who, Roger Waters… all of them had something important to say and they all still have a passion and a fire inside of them that I admire them for cause you rarely see that in artists nowadays.
I wish I could go back in time and do it all again. :)


Just checked in, ship about to depart – having a Bacardi & Coke! Cheers!!

The cruise was something to remember as well. Apart from being on a ship where there was a great band playing somewhere almost 24/7 was like having died and gone to heaven. Not only the music, but the whole setting.

I had picked one of the nicer cabins with a balcony, and I remember waking up really early a few mornings looking straight out over a vast ocean that seemed limitless, watching the sun rise.

It was so quiet, so beautiful, cause at that time, the whole “party boat” was fast asleep. I also remember being on deck late at night when it was pitch black, taking photos of the crystal clear moon, while listening to the calming waves splashing alongside the sides of the ship.


I’m ready for the weeklong rock’n’roll extravaganza to the Bahamas!

12742362_1683517195231557_5804656065110093950_n 12764736_1683517178564892_35694527143916361_o

One night I went a little out of control, which I haven’t done in a very, VERY long time, and ended up in the pool with my clothes on while Steve Vai was getting ready to hit the stage. I ruined my favorite pair of jeans, but I got the whole Gus G-band laughing cause nobody’s ever seen me in that condition. :D


Madam X

Anyway – apart from those two experiences, there were a few more that added to my yearly concert junkie experiences!

Sylvain Sylvain (New York Dolls) that made a guest appearance at the Rock’n’Roll Residency in Nashville when I was over there visiting my friend Blackie.

I was introduced to a number of really cool people that night, including Lizzy Hale who was really sweet, and Stacie Collins who has since visited Sweden a number of times and is one badass rockin’ lady! Go check her out if you get a chance.


Lobo Lee, Stacie Collins and me.

Avantasia in Hamburg, Germany. That was QUITE an experience! I was staying with my friend Su and she got sick that day so she couldn’t join me, but I went to Große Freiheit alone and when I got there there was a loooooong – I mean LOOOOONG line that filled the whole street and continued on and on forever! The place was PACKED!! I haven’t seen that many people in a club in ages, I thought they were gonna tear the place down, literally! The concert was amazing and I guess the crowd contributed to it with their enthusiasm.

Whitesnake – there is no other band I love to see live over and over and over again without getting tired, and this year was no exception. First stop was when I was in Detroit visiting the my lovely friends from Madam X. As a last minute decision, we went to see Whitesnake at the Fox.

Pic: Me, Roxy Petrucci and Gary Gura

13423948_1731616300421646_7105114989745590043_n13495421_1731301840453092_4808654319323337555_o 13412013_1731301920453084_8507341162471314632_o

Then, as if ONCE was enough (duh?!) went to see them again at Vega in Copenhagen:


Went to a few Spiritual Beggars shows, a band that normally doesn’t play in their home country of Sweden, but that “broke the rules” this year and did it anyway. It was nothing short of total SUCCESS, especially in their home town of Halmstad where I remember showing up about an hour before the show at Kajskjulet, only to find the longest line of people I’ve seen for a Swedish gig in ages! You would have thought it was the ticket line for some rare gig with Guns ‘n Roses or something!


They also did a mini-tour stopping in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmo, with openers SAFFIRE. Those guys also totally blew me away. Talk about high quality musicianship, that was quite a pleasant surprise!

Apollo (singer of Spiritual Beggars) did a solo appearance with Saffire later in the summer, on a very VERY rainy day, and of course I went there to check that out as well.

Another favorite, ROB ZOMBIE played in Berlin a few months ago, so I went there with my friend Henny. We froze our butts off waiting in line for hours, but there was no other place than front row in our minds, so you just do whatever you gotta do. It was worth it ten times over! I’ve never seen Rob Zombie do a bad gig, ever. It’s ALWAYS top-notch.


Henny and I also made a last-minute decision to go to Belgium to check out Gus G‘s solo project a few weeks ago. Well, the show itself was kind of a last minute gig that was decided only a few weeks before it was to take place, and I found out about it during a phone interview I did with Gus so I had a little more time planning for that, thank god. :)

He brought US-singer James Paul Luna from Holy Grail – one badass singer that impressed the hell out of me, wow! Had a good time hanging out a little with the guys before and after the show, before heading back to Sweden.


That wasn’t the only Gus G show I’ve seen this year – of course. He played at the Guitar Gods festival in Miami in February with Steve Vai and Yngwie Malmsteen, then at the Monsters of Rock Cruise and later on with the project Allegiance of Rock (with Europe-bassist John Leven, Hammerfall/Yngwie-drummer Anders Johansson and Candlemass/TSO-singer Mats Levén) at Hojrock in Västervik.

It was a drag getting to that little godforsaken town, but it was one of the most beautiful places I’ve visited this year and I hope I’ll have a good reason to go back there next year. :)
And Allegiance of Rock at the Stockholm Rocks festival at Debaser Medis, also featuring Inglorious, Grand Magus and Avatarium. Blabbermouth shared my videos from there, as usual. :)

The street fest Malmöfestivalen presented some great acts this year, most of them on the RockStage and one major act on the main stage at Stortorget, the biggest square in Malmö.

RockStage gave us great bands such as Dynazty (these guys are simply brilliant, with a kickass singer that blows me away every time he opens his mouth!), A.C.T (fantastic progressive rock band that call their style “art rock”, they’ve been awesome for the past 20 years or so) female fronted Frontback with the rockin’ chick Anlo Front who’s so full of energy, it’s always a pleasure to watch her go!

And last but not least, Monoheads, consisting of female rockers from bands Modesty Blaise (my first experience of managing a band, had a blast with them years and years ago) and Cat Calls. They all kick ass, the finest of the finest at their instruments, these ladies know that they’re doing!

13996130_1753133244936618_238394367737735062_o 13996164_1753132961603313_8194927991341619380_o

Tough guy DANKO JONES and his dudes, took the main stage and rocked it – big time! That guys is intense and a true rocker. He makes it impossible to leave, the energy from the stage just sucks you in somehow, just a great concert, as always!

Sweden Rock Festival is my second home. I just love it there, I haven’t missed a single year since 1995, except for 1996 when I moved to the States, and it’s just like being “home”, for real.

This year I was happy to meet up with old friend Anett, who used to be the tour manager for Jon Oliva’s Pain – this time she was out on the road with Loudness. Was good to see her and catch up a little. :)
I also got my Lita Ford biography signed by Lita – on the page where she had used one of my photos from this very blog. :D And yeah, she remembered so it was a little different than the usual stand in line-get shit signed-leave situation. :)

Queen played. Megadeth, Avantasia, Twisted Sister, King Diamond, Glenn Hughes and the list just goes on and on. I was mostly looking forward to Scottish band GUN and the band that got me super emotional, surprisingly enough, was the Hooters! What a show, I was totally taken by it – they just kicked everbody else’s ass. Just fantastic!

Apart from the gigs and travels, I also took a trip to Italy/Switzerland to visit Gotthard-guitarist Leo Leoni. I had a great time there, was welcomed with open arms by Leo himself, their friend and assistant Claudia and everyone I met that day.

Had lunch at his and his sister’s restaurant GrottHard Cafe and spent the rest of the afternoon at his house talking about deep subjects. Very interesting and very inspiring. The day ended with a visit in his studio in the basement where the new Gotthard album “Silver” had been recorded , where we listened through the whole thing. It sounded great! I loved the trip too, very beautiful countries. :)


And last but not least, the book about rock club Kulturbolaget, KB in Malmö, where ALL legends have played, was published a few months ago. I ended up being in 3 or 4 different segments of that book which is a great honor.

So that wraps it up, pretty much. 2017 is going to be just as busy as always, with the exception that I won’t be going alone on all my trips and gigs, something that I’ve been doing for years. I’ve just gotten used to doing things my way since most people I know aren’t as crazy and usually not willing to do what it takes to get that front row spot and all.

But now I have that so it will be a lot of fun and I’m very much looking forward to 2017 which will include Bob Dylan, Black Sabbath, Alice Cooper, ZZ Top, Rob Zombie and much, much more! Thanks for a great time 2016 – now let’s top this in 2017!!

Motörhead memory: October 27, 1998

I was watching Lemmy’s memorial service yesterday at the local rock bar, Dr Feelgood’s here in Malmo. We were about 100 people there who met up to watch it.

One thing kept coming up in the speeches, and that was how Lemmy made a point of making himself available to people.

So I dug up this old story that I wrote back then, in 1998, about my first concert with Motorhead and how great they all treated us. We were just there as fans. I was working as a music journalist at the time, but I had already done a phoner with Lemmy so this was not business, just hanging there like everybody else.

Anyway, here’s that story:

Motörhead running timesMotörhead and Dio – Tuesday and Wednesday… It’s been two rockin´ days and it feels good, it really does! I mean, This is what it’s all about – it’s about music, about dedication and communication between the artists, the fans and people around them!

In other words- I was finally HOME!

Let’s begin by remembering the Motörhead day, on Tuesday October 27th, 1998. It was only 4 in the afternoon when I drove down to KB where they were gonna be playing.

My pal and her boyfriend were already there, freezing half to death. The rain was pissing down, it was stormy and it was so cold that you could justbarely EXIST. You couldn’t even use your umbrella because of the storm and no matter what you were wearing, it was freezing cold!

Anyway, when we had been standing there for a while, watching people walking in and out of the tour bus, a nice guy with a laminate ran past us and shouted:

– You must be CRAZY standing out here!

– We ARE! I replied.

Then he went up on the bus and disappeared. A few seconds later he returned and said:

– What have you got to sign? I’ll bring it up on the bus – they’ll sign it for you.

It wasn’t quite the same as having it signed personally, but I could see the point – I wouldn’t want to stand there in the rain and the cold signing autographs either.

So, we waited for the guy to come out again, and a few minutes later he did – looking like a donkey with all that STUFF that we just tossed all over him.Lemmys autograph

[Picture: Lemmy signed my leather jacket – he actually found a clear spot to write on!]

Then, surprisingly, he told us to come inside. And once we got into the club he asked us if we wanted a cup of coffee or tea or something, still mumbling something about how crazy we were “standing out there in the freezing cold and rain”…

We were shown into a catering-room (that’s usually a small bar in the back of the club, called the Vinyl-bar – but when Motörhead and crew were there- it was a catering!).

He got us cups and told us to help ourselves. I was still shaking from the cold and my clothes were soaked to the skin! We thanked him very much for his kindness, I mean, people like that are pretty rare. He asked me what my name was and introduced himself, but I didn’t hear what he said, cause they were soundchecking.

He said he was the tour manager and that he’d be looking for us later at the show “we’ll get you passes or something...” . Well, at least we were on the guestlist, and that was all we wanted. The important thing was to see the show, first and foremost.

Then we all went home and changed to DRY clothes (but I was still freezing HOURS after that!), and a few hours later, we went back to KB (the club). It was PACKED – I haven’t seen so many people at a concert in a long time. But I noticed that lately,hard rock events attract a LOT of people, so mark my words…! :-D Hard rock is on the way back!! Again. Get ready for it people, it won’t be long now!

Lemmy in the morningpaper[Picture: Lemmy in the morning paper!]

The show was okay. This was the first time I ever saw Motörhead live, and Lemmy was really cool! So, in a way it was better than I thought, only that…well, Motörhead’s music isn’t really what I’d listen to every day. 

But it was great to see so many PEOPLE! I couldn’t even move! But eventhough the MUSIC isn’t my thing, I can’t help being impressed by Lemmy because he is so GENUINE. There’s no bullshit about that man. What you see is most definitely what you get! Yeah, he’s cool..! :-)

Anyway, after the show I tried to find my pal and her boyfriend, and finally found them. They were standing right by the backstage-entrance. We hadn’t seen the tour manager, and we didn’t have passes. (So, NOW what…?) But the security-guy looked familiar for some reason, and my friend was convinced that I knew him (and I know I DO, I just can’t remember WHERE I’ve seen him before! Isn’t it such a drag when THAThappens?!) so… I took a chance and went over to him. I just asked something about the band, if they were still up there and if they were gonna come downstairs.

And he just went:

– They are not coming down. But you can go up there if you want!

Some guy tried to “cruise in” when the door opened, but got a loud and clear “fuck off”, while the three of us just went straight up to Motörhead’s dressing-room…! And the worst thing is – I STILL don’t know where I know that guy from… So embarrassing.

Anyways, when we got up there, Lemmy was at the bar, drinking something, Mikkey Dee was talking to some fans, and the rest were in the couch just relaxing. The few people who were there kept walking over to Lemmy asking for autographs or telling him how great the show was or whatever.

I was surprised that he was so short… I mean, he looks VERY tall on stage, but he wasn’t THAT tall. 

We didn’t stay long up there, it was a very laid back atmosphere, people looked very relaxed. But I was tired and needed to get home, so we left early.


TONY MARTIN – kicked everybody’s ass

There is ONE singer, that has been on the absolute, untouchable number ONE position on my list of great singers for 26 years now, and that is TONY MARTIN. In my opinion the most underrated singer of all time. One day people will be asking themselves howcome his name wasn’t in neon lights just as much as his predecessors, such as Ronnie James Dio who people mostly compared him to.

Dio is a legend. He was lucky enough to be at the right place, at the right time, as was Ozzy, obviously… But it seems that in the world of metal, your level of fame and pedigree is what puts you on the map, not necessarily talent.

As much as I love and respect Dio, I can easily say that Tony Martin’s voice has SO much more to offer.
I can listen to those Black Sabbath-albums that he sang on, over and over again, at repeat, year in, year out, and I never ever grow tired of it! On the contrary, I’m so amazed by his abilities, it’s like I’m almost looking for SOME kind of imperfection, but there simply are no imperfections.

That voice is as massive and powerful as an earthquake, it’s strong as a rock, it’s crystal clear, so full of colors and variations, little details that you keep discovering and rediscovering every time you listen to him sing. I just love that VOICE.
To me, THAT is the ULTIMATE heavy metal voice. Nobody comes even close, and that includes my teenage heroes Halford, Dio, Coverdale – all those guys. They all have their strengths, no doubt about it, but looking at the whole picture, I’d say that Tony Martin kicked everbody’s ass over and over again.


I tried to get my hands on EVERYTHING he had sung on. I’m happy to own quite a lot of his work. To this day I think it’s nothing but scandalous that it’s difficult to get hold of the Black Sabbath-albums with Tony Martin on vocals. What a freaking WASTE!

I had to buy crappy Russian “bootleg”-versions on eBay a few months ago because my original CD’s and vinyls have been played so much that they are barely playable anymore. Cause you can’t find “Tyr” or “Headless Cross” in stores anymore. And those are without a DOUBT among the best albums Sabbath ever made. Every era has it’s own charm, but this is an era that I get the feeling is being swept under the carpet for whatever strange reason.

I remember that I wasn’t that interested in Black Sabbath when I first went to see them. I had heard the Ozzy stuff and it just wasn’t my cup of tea. I liked Ozzy better as a solo artist. And the Dio era wasn’t my thing either. But the newspaper I was working for back in 1989 sent me to the KB Hall in Copenhagen to review the show – and that was almost a religious experience. That VOICE absolutely blew me away!

I travelled all over the place to see Sabbath after that. Well, as long as Tony was singing. They took Ronnie back there for an album, and then (thank god) brought Tony Martin back again.

Back in those days, Internet was brand new, and I was just learning how to create webpages in html and the simple html-editors that were available at the time. So, in 1997 I created Tony Martin’s first webpage. Not too many artists HAD an “official” page back then, it was a lot less organized than it is today.

Unfortunately, the contact and professional friendship with Tony went sour, to say the least. Looking back, I admit that a lot of it was my own fault. I can be a stubborn person and at the time, I was very much “my way or the highway”. Tony was the same way, but in this case he had every right to be cause it was supposed to be HIS page. So yeah – that was almost 20 years ago and people change. I learned a lot since then but it still bugs me that it had to go so wrong, because I’ve always admired his voice.

Listening to the way he would phrase something, how he would sing even on the consonants (usually singers sing with a vibrato mainly on vowels – it’s easy to sing an “aaaaaaa” or “eeeee” with a vibrato, but Tony would do that even on consonants.

If you listen to for instance the beginning of “Feels Good To Me” – the first sentence “The chapter is opened and the pages are turned / The writings say many things but who was concerned“. He actually has a vibrato on the “nnnddd” in “opened” and the same thing on all those words in that first line. That is pretty rare. And then he goes straight to a high note, only to take it right back down again, and it’s just so smooth and so pleasing for the ears. The man is a vocal genious and I’m glad that I was lucky enough to experience his time with Sabbath. I can only hope that more people get a chance to discover this “undercover gem”. He deserves SO much more credit than he got.


Just take a listen and I hope you’ll enjoy it just as much as I’ve done for the past 3 decades!


A project Tony did with guitarist Mischa Calvin. Another example of his amazing voice:

Headless Cross – great song and the best lineup ever..

From his solo-alabum “Back Where I Belong” – another CD that I played over and over and over again! Brian May can be heard in the harmonies – it’s very “Queen-ish”. :D

Tony’s pre-Sabbath material, early 80’s – more melodic stuff:

My crystal ball was working

It’s been less than 6 months since I wrote the blog below – and things have been happening at a rapid pace with this band ever since. I promised to reveal who it was in due time – and some have probably already guessed it. The band I was talking about was MADAM X.


In The Rearview MIrror blog – June 21, 2014

Sometimes you just KNOW.

I’ve had that feeling a number of times in my life and it has never, ever failed me. The only times I’ve been “wrong” is when the bands have decided to break up/quit, but evenso, they’ve always done something to leave a mark.

When I went to see Madam X early that day at Sweden Rock (June 7, 2014) I basically went because I never miss an opportunity to see a metal band with female musicians. That’s always been a source of inspiration for me. Also, Madam X – they were in the Swedish music magazine OKEJ all the time back in the 80’s, who ever thought we’d get a chance to see them live – 30 years later?!

I was watching their sound check and preparations when a few fans asked for picks, and Chris “Godzilla” jumped off the stage, went over to the guys and handed out whatever he had – finishing the “pick-distribution” with a smile and the words: “If I dig any deeper in my pockets I’ll end up handing out my hotel key! That’s all I’ve got guys.”

I remember it clearly because it showed that this was a band with a good attitude. I made a mental note of that.

And the show? Loved it. Much like Skid Row back in the day, there was a passion and an energy that came across so clearly and I ended up staying the whole show. Usually at Sweden Rock I go from stage to stage and listen to a few songs, then move to the next stage/band. Unless it’s one of my favorite bands of course.

Madam X kept my interest and attention from beginning to end and it was love at first sight, to say the least!

They looked great, they sounded good, they were being themselves, not making any excuses, I loved that too. It was just genuine, you can’t fake that.

I took a few rounds in the VIP area after the show thinking I might bump into them and have a chat, but instead, I kept hearing from my friends that they had met Godzilla back there, showing me pics of those meetings on their mobile phones.

So I went to the signing session instead. The line went on forever, there were tons of people waiting to meet the band, it was insane!

Some of them never even got to meet the band because the SRF-crew had to cut the line to make room for the next signing session, leaving lots of disappointed fans with unsigned records and photos…

I didn’t get to talk to the band that day, but they left a lasting impression, so after the festival – June 9th, I just left a short note to Chris on Facebook, saying that I had a few decent pics and videos in case they wanted to use any of it – and said that I had enjoyed the show – a lot.

Started talking about the band and their plans and shortly thereafter he sent 3 songs that they wanted to use when looking for a record deal and wanted someone else’s honest opinion. Was the material good enough?

Like I wrote in that blog back in June – I didn’t expect it to be more than okay, maybe decent, but I didn’t think it would be so good that it would totally blow me away. All three songs were absolutely brilliant!

I’ve had those demos in my cellphone ever since, listening to them on my way to work, in the car, playing them on repeat. How often do I hear anything nowadays that makes me want to hear MORE, like back in the day when I was a kid? Not often. This is so rare, and I’m so thankful that I discovered I could still get kicks like that, even after 25 years in the business.

The rest is history. Today it’s December 5 – and I’ve been in Detroit twice, visiting in the studio in Rochester, following the recordings of the coming Madam X comeback album.

I’ve gotten to know the people involved – the band, whoever was in the studio that weekend, producer, friends, husbands, what have you – and they were all freaking cool people.

I’ve clicked with a few bands and their crews before, but this was different, this was truly like we had known eachother a lifetime. I liked them instantly, felt right at home from the word go. That’s a great feeling.

2015 is going to be Madam X’ year! And yeah, this is where you heard it first. Could I be wrong? Absolutely not. :)

It feels great, I believe in this 110%, and judging by the reactions from fans worldwide, the band has never really been forgotten. The anticipation and the excitement is through the roof!

I feel like an enthusiastic teenager – it’s going to be a blast. Not only do I think that they will continue where they left off back in 1984, I think they’ll do it better and beyond people’s expectations. Want a preview? Here’s the first single. :) Enjoy!