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Sexy guitargasms

I was watching a video on Youtube of Marty Friedman in Thessaloniki, Greece – being joined on stage by Greece’s #1 guitar hero Gus G. When those two great players started playing, I spontaneously thought to myself: “Man… What a GUITARGASM…!”

I laughed and wondered where the hell I got THAT word from. It just seemed like the only appropriate word for it. Was it even a real word?? I had to check, so I googled it.
Turns out that it was very much a word used to describe the sexual symbolism in guitarplaying.

Definition of guitargasm #1:
“The look of sheer ecstacy on one’s face while playing a guitar solo – usually triggered by a long, sustained note or bend. Looks very similar to the person’s “o”- face”

Definition #2:

“The expression of often orgasmical ecstacy shown whilst playing guitar. Most commonly used during shredding”

I often thought of that actually, how sometimes when I see guitarists getting into a solo, or just playing for an enthusiastic crowd, they get that facial expression that most of us women have seen many times.. :-) Well, you know…. That expression. ;-P

There’s a lot to be said about the erotic symbolism of the guitar. Speaking of Gus G, this was something I actually thought of a few months ago while watching the Firewind live DVD.
At times he played so passionately that… not only could you see it in his face that he was totally into what he was doing, but he actually played as if he was making love to his guitar.

That’s a cool thing, because when you are able to project that on a stage while playing your music, you’re truly born to be a musician. After all, we’re all just animals who are responding to very simple things, whether or not we’re aware of it.

“Embrace the gun”??

Yngwie had that quality too. His hands were flying up and down the neck and over the body of his guitar. He could really make it look sexy, eventhough he wasn’t exactly a pretty boy.

My sister once mentioned something about that when we were talking about music. She said that there was actually scientific proof that women could get aroused by watching a man play guitar, simply because of the shape of the instrument and the musicians hands skillfully handling it.
It was a subconscious thing apparently.
Quite honestly, I never heard of that before, but it sounded like it made some sense. So I started looking for more info on the subject.

The first thing that came up when I was searching for more info on this delicate but interesting subject, was ART. More specifically, Picasso and a painting called Reclining Nude with a Man Playing the Guitar.

I’m not an art expert by any means, but the common interpretation of the painting was very interesting. I’m taking the liberty of copying it as is:

“Is xxx suggesting that the guitar — the male artist’s instrument in more ways than one — is more important than the nude, who is an incidental accompaniment to the strident music of the colors and bizarre interplay of the shapes?

Is the covert point of Millei’s transformation of Picasso’s painting to suggest the dominance and consequence of the man and the submission and inconsequence of the woman?
But let’s not forget that Picasso’s guitar is shaped like a female body, suggesting that when the man plays it he is copulating with the nude in unconscious fantasy. He is after all playing the guitar to seduce her.

Also, the guitar’s opening has become a surreal hole-nipple, suggesting that it is a dream condensation of the female body, and also an abstract condensation of concave and convex forms.

The guitar’s long, fretted neck is clearly suggestive of the penis, suggesting that the guitar is also a dream condensation of heterosexual intercourse. But playing the guitar may mean that making art is masturbating and is thus fundamentally narcissistic, whatever the accompanying fantasy of a stimulating woman.

As Hanna Segal suggests, to make good art is to make beautiful music with oneself, while to have good sex is to make beautiful music with someone else.

This again affirms the primary importance of the actively playing male artist and the secondary importance of the passively reclining female nude, even if she physically occupies more of Picasso’s painting than he does.”

Who knew that there was so much to be said about the guitar and the symbolism of it?!
I was never that much into guitars when I first got into metal (which to me is the ultimate guitar-music), but after hearing Yngwie, how could I resist?!
I always loved good music, passionate music and most of all, passionate musicians – regardless of the instrument they’ve chosen.

Being a singer myself, I’ve been mostly into good vocals/vocalists, because I could relate to it more than any other instrument. That has changed over the years.
I’m crazy about drums, and a good drummer can make me feel musically high. There is definitely something very sexy about drums too – it’s very primal, very masculine, aggressive and powerful.
Hell, you can make anything to be about sex if you want to. :-)

You live and learn. And all this just because I watched a video with two cool guitarplayers sharing a small club-stage in Greece. :-) 
Seriously, how cool is this –  I totally dig it: