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You wanted the best – you got STEEL PANTHER!

I had an absolutely perfect day here in Manchester, UK, yesterday. Arrived around 10 in the morning and had the whole day to enjoy the sunshine and the many happenings, markets and fairs down in the city center.

There was music everywhere, everything from karaoke (a little girl was singing, I remember her having a wonderful voice – hopefully a future star!) acrobats, dancers, street art and walking soda cups. Anything you could imagine. There was BBQ’ing and it smelled so good, food from everywhere, cajun, indian, traditional… And home made cupcakes. Too bad I’m on a low carb diet, or I would have tried a few of those, they looked delicious.

My feet and my back were killing me after the hours of walking, I just went back to the hotel for 10 minutes to get some rest, then walked off to O2, Apollo. There was already a line, 3,5 hours before doors even opened.

What I don’t like about O2 though, is that so called “priority guests”-line. People who BUY their way in, they get in before everybody else and can choose their spots. So all the other people who have been standing there all day freezing their asses off, getting tired just as much as anyone else, gets to stare at somebody’s back instead.

I ended up behind two teenage girls who were giggling and talking the WHOLE time, except for when they were updating their Facebook-statuses of course, or texting…

Anyway, the hours spent out there in the cold were still worth it. At least as soon as the opening act Falling Red got off the stage. The difference between Steel Panther and bands like Falling Red is that at least Steel Panther is doing it as a JOKE, as a parody of what the glam and sleaze era was all about.

Falling Red IS the kind of band that they are joking about. When they started shouting about who in the audience was a sex addict or a drug/alcohol addict, as if it was something cool to scream a “yes” to that bullshit, I just thought “please get off the fucking stage you beehived Motley Crue wannabe losers”…

If they meant it as a joke as well, it just wasn’t made the right way, come on, it’s not the 80’s anymore.

But if I erase those 30 minutes of the show out of my head (believe me, it won’t take long) and move on to the Steel Panther show… 

Steel Panther is – hands down – the BEST live band there is, anywhere, right now. They take ALL the elements that makes a great show, mix them all together and put a label on it that says STEEL PANTHER. Absolutely fucking AMAZING.

You get great music, played by extremely talented musicians (a fact that tends to be overlooked because of the parody label) you get four guys who are working their asses off on stage with their poses and their moves, oh, and they’re hot too. 

There’s the 80’s outfits, the smoke, lasers, confetti…! It’s like Christmas and New Year’s all on one. And on top of all that, the icing on the cake – the jokes. You get to laugh too. There is no better entertainment package anywhere right now. They are doing this so right, and they’re leading their crowd into a mass psychosis pretty much.. :))

Chicks go to their shows, PLANNING to show their tits. One of them had painted something on her boobs last night, and tried everything to get noticed by the “titty cam” – and was the happiest girl in the world when she got up on stage and could lift up her home-made shirt “look everyone, I’ve got boobies!”. Well it’s just bizarre sometimes to watch the whole spectacle. 

The only downside is that when you’ve seen Steel Panther a few times, some of the jokes tend to get a bit…old. :) That’s just because you’ve heard them before so it’s more like “yeah yeah, Michael is 65 years old and had a hip replacement and takes Viagra – gotcha”.

Other than that – I love this band. I will definitely travel again to see them, because it’s the one band where you simply can’t go wrong – you’re guaranteed to have a great time!

Thanks – again – Steel Panther!

[Photos here: www.facebook.com/intherearviewmirror]

[More VIDEOS here: http://lita77777.posterous.com/community-asian-fat-tiger-woods-or-something ]

Off to Manchester, UK for more JUDAS PRIEST

Off to Manchester (UK) tomorrow for more Judas Priest. Queensryche opening. I can only hope that Priest will be anywhere NEAR the shape they were in the last time I saw them in Thessaloniki, Greece.
Or that the horribly embarrassing performance by Queensryche at Sweden Rock Festival was just a temporary thing. It was so bad, that I couldn’t even watch it, I had to leave.

So, a few questionmarks still, but this will be the first REAL Priest-show (for me) this year, that isn’t just a summer-festival appearance, so I’m sure it will be a different experience. We’ll see.

Regardless the concerts, I still love the travelling. It’s like a drug, I get so restless and low when I have to stay home for too long doing nothing. I need the atmosphere of an airport – which is what I think of as the only free zone where all people are the same. No racism belongs there because we are all either visitors or we are about to become visitors somewhere. I absolutely love seeing all these different kinds of people from all corners of the world, all in that one spot called an “airport”. It’s like a mini-version of our planet right there.

I love the takeoffs, when the plane starts to speed and you’re being pushed back in your seat right before it goes up in the sky and you can look out the window at what you’re leaving, for however long… It’s a kick.

It’s just that whole sense of freedom, that the whole world is…available. It’s there, just waiting to be explored. I might not get to see all the “touristy” things of every city. Sometimes all I get to see is pretty much the same as the bands: Airport. Hotel. Venue.

But if I choose to go one day earlier, at least I get to see something more than that. I love anything that’s OLD, I’m a history freak. But even if I don’t get to see that either, I’m happy just to be able to walk around feeling the vibe of a city.

Last month I went to Munich (Germany), Luxembourg and Belgium. This month I visited Greece and London/Knebworth and now Manchester is up next. Next month it will be Gdansk in Poland and Skanderborg in Denmark. September Southampton, Manchester and Glasgow over in the UK, then Split in Croatia. And October Tampa (St Pete) Florida (USA), Atlanta and NYC.

After that, I haven’t made any plans. I wonder if I will even be able to just stay home and do nothing. Once you start living like this, it’s very hard to stop.

It wasn’t in the stars for me to make it with my own music, so I’m not out there touring with my own band – which is what I would have loved to do more than anything.
But I can still be out there seeing the world, feeling the energy of a crowd by being a part of it.

When it comes down to it, it’s all about the love of music. That’s all it is. Music is my greatest love and it always will be.

And life is good. :-D