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Hell YES!!!

Oh, wow wow wow….! I’m REALLY excited right now! I was asked to review an album by Swedish band DYNAZTY (“Sultans Of Sin” set to be released on February 29.).

I’ll admit that most of the time, the records I have to review bore me more than anything. It’s not that I’m a music snob, but when you consume as much music as people like me do, it gets harder to impress me. It just needs to have all the bits and pieces just right – and most of all, it just has to move me, make me feel something!

I had no expectations, but MY GOD – this album kicks ass! It’s produced by Peter Tatgren of Pain and Hypocrisy, which gives the album that irresistable HEAVY sound, while it still presents some damn great melodies sung by a very talented singer.

I’m knocked out, I love it when I get something like that, something that’s actually worth BUYING. You know how it is nowadays – people are spoiled, nobody buys music anymore. This, I would easily buy, knowing I’m getting value for the money.

If you love strong melodies, great singers and fantastic production and mix, get “Sultans Of Sin” when it’s out in the stores!

This is from Dynazty’s performance in the Swedish music festival “Melodifestivalen” (they will be participating this year as well):

And in case you haven’t heard their producer, Peter Tatgren and his project PAIN – don’t leave this page until you’ve listened to this awesome mix between modern dance sound and pure metal:


And LOOK what I found. :-) Earcandy!