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The Facebook and Twitter community world

The community world as we know it is a strange place sometimes. One thing that people do on Twitter for instance, is that they “follow” you – ONLY to see if you will follow back. No other reason.

I’m sorry, but that just pisses me off. If that’s the reason why you’re following my Twitter-thing, then don’t even bother. 
It took me a while to realize that it was a common thing. I had no idea at first. I was under the impression that you followed people or bands or whatever – because you’re acually interested in their updates and news?!?!

Twitter is this neverending, constantly updated stream of information, it just drowns you with info like the Niagara Falls of tweets… New ones every fucking second. The only reason for me to follow anyone or anything, is because I actually want to know what they have to say.

I’m following bands/artists I like to learn about their tours, new YouTube-uploads, interviews… All that. I follow bands or sometimes people I don’t even know so well, because they have funny or interesting tweets.

But it would drive me crazy to have hundreds of accounts on there, because I would miss the few things I REALLY give a shit about. 

In short: If you’re just trying to promote your band by adding hundreds of random accounts as “re-followers”, just walk on by. Not interested.

I can even tell right away when somebody suddenly starts following me, that they will be gone the minute I post something – without having re-followed them first. It always leads to a “minus one” follower. How predictable and how utterly ridiculous.

Secondly – the goddamn Facebook thing. Those who know me also know that I’ve been anything but a fan of that place since it took over after MySpace. It just makes me nervous. Your whole personal life is out there for the world to see in a way that I’m not comfortable with at all.

Back in the day, you could use any nickname you wanted (I was just “Lita77” on MySpace) and it wasn’t as obvious or as easy to find you if you didn’t want to be found. You could even use a fake e-mail addy to avoid being searched. The Facebook-thing says that it’s private, but really – every time I post something for my friends, and they like or comment on it, it’s there for THEIR friends to see and so on. It’s beyond control, and it’s way too complicated to understand how to prevent the spreading of info. I’m sure it’s possible, but that should be by default, not something I have to search for.

Anyway, I have a locked and private account under a different name because I don’t want people on there, basically. The few that I do have on there, are on it for various reasons, but mostly because it’s the only (simple) way to get in touch with people who are either “road people” (crews, band members and similar) or people with common interests that are somewhere abroad. Or people that I didn’t call to say hello to before either, but kept in touch with via MySpace (or whatever was used six-seven years ago).

I don’t have some of my best friends on Facebook, because it tricks people to believe that they know what their friends are up to – through FB. They think that they are “staying in touch”. But it’s mainly just an ego-trip, and I’m guilty of it myself. Because you think that you’re following your friends’ lives, you don’t pick up the phone as much anymore. Right? 
You saw your friends on Facebook this morning and they seem to be doing great. Why bother picking up the phone when you “see” them every day?

That’s all just fake and bullshit. Most of us don’t advertise if or when we’re feeling bad. Everything on Facebook is about posting funny shit, little anecdotes, videos, pics, news… But apart from the occasional drama-queens who don’t have ANY sense of privacy whatsoever (I don’t even have any people like that among my friends thank god) nobody will write what they’re really thinking in public.

One of my best friends asked me last year if we shouldn’t be friends on Facebook. No, I don’t want that. It just edulcorates the friendship, you get the wrong picture of their lives and thoughts.

I’d rather just talk with her on the phone, even if it’s just once a month or less, or I’d like to hang with her in person when we get a chance. But no – I don’t want the Facebook thing. 

People don’t call eachother as much anymore, because they don’t have to. Or they THINK that they don’t.

And this morning, I got a friend request from a person who really disappointed me a few months ago. I thought it was a friend, but he acted to fucking fake towards me at one of the festivals earlier this summer. “Oh hey…!” and then he just took off like he had a firecracker up his ass.

I was sitting alone backstage when he walked in, and he just nodded when he passed me – to go and sit at another table. WTF?!?! I’m pretty sure that I showered that morning. Yes, I’m being sarcastic…

After that I just thought, well – people always show their true self sooner or later. It wasn’t a close friend per se, so I didn’t care particularly. Imagine my surprise when that same person sent me a friend request on Facebook this morning.

Either he doesn’t know who I am, as I’m there under a fake name, or he does know, but thinks that I didn’t understand that he dissed me. Make no mistake, just because I didn’t bitch about it, doesn’t mean that I didn’t GET it. It just wasn’t worth losing any sleep over. Piss off.

I don’t want to collect friends on Facebook. I have less than 50 people on it, and I want to keep it that way. And the 50 people include artists that I followed before they had “professional” pages. Many of the “smaller” artists only had personal pages before, so they aren’t even “real” friends, only people whose careers I wanted to follow.

It’s the same thing there – with the constant flow of information and updates, it would make my head spin having hundreds of people to keep track of. I’d rather follow the few chosen people who I added myself, than have hundreds of strangers clogging up my newsfeed 24-7.

But it is scary sometimes how we have changed from calling our friends reguarly, or dropping an e-mail to say hi how are ya – to updating our OWN statuses, hoping that others will see them.

It’s no longer a question about contacting somebody else, it’s about indirectly “contacting” people through a newsfeed saying “hey – here I am! If you can see me…”.

That’s not the way things should be.



GRASPOP METAL MEETING 2012 – TWISTED SISTER memories and reviews (Part 4)

When it was time for Twisted Sister, the crew-guy Rob (who had invited us as his guests) showed up with a funny smile on his face. “Come on, I wanna show you something!”
So we followed him to the right side of the stage where he had placed a road-case on wheels right in front of the sound guy, yet still so perfect that we weren’t in anyone’s way. The BEST seats in the house! “This is reserved especially for you guys!” Jesus, I had to laugh, Vera couldn’t believe it either, that was just so great.

It didn’t end there. Only a few minutes before Dee & co were about to enter the stage, someone PUSHED the case so hard that I thought we were gonna end up ON the stage in front of all those thousands of people! I’ve got it on video – when I start screaming, that’s when the case is being pushed! 

It was Twisted Sister’s manager Danny Stanton – a guy that I think everybody knows. He’s also managed Sebastian Bach, Lita Ford, just a bunch of bands over the years. “You can see EVEN better now!” he laughed. My god – crazy dude! :-))

Dee showed up and I could tell he was totally psyched. He was jumping and by the concentrated look on his face it was like a bomb ready to explode. “Let’s DO this!!”

And off he went – like a missile! When Dee enters a stage, it’s full speed ahead and he never stops!


I don’t know WHERE he gets all that energy from, but he’s amazing. Dee Snider is the epitome of rock’n’roll – he is the last genuine rocker out there. He will join anyone on stage if invited, because he LOVES what he does. Other rock stars won’t do shit unless they’re paid or unless they see a huge PR-value in their participation. That’s not rock’n’roll. Dee will do it because he honestly and truly LOVES being on stage and my god how we love him for that!

Not only is his VOICE better than ever – it’s strong, clear and powerful, but he also has an endless energy, at 57 he is in far better shape than dudes half his age!

Watching the crowd was also a fantastic experience. I almost got tears in my eyes, it was mindblowing. Dee had every single person’s attention. Such total control of thousands of people, that’s something that you don’t see every day.

You can see some of it in this video for instance. First he introduces Mike Portnoy (ex-Dream Theater, now with Adrenaline Mob, among others…) – we were all standing there watching the show in awe. Mike P had his family with him, his beautiful daughter Melody and his son Max, and their mother. :) They were sitting right next to me on the road case, and I thought it was so cool to introduce the kids to the world of rock’n’roll at such a young age. :)

So anyway, after Mike & band were introduced, Dee barely even got a chance to start singing. Thousands of people started singing “The Price” with their hands and cellphones up in the air. At THAT point I was really glad that I had the privilege of being up on stage! What a sight that was! You don’t see that every day.

[The CROWD!]

I got to hear some of my favorites – You Can’t Stop Rock’n’Roll (and nobody sings it with more conviction than Dee Snider!) Stay Hungry, Burn In Hell (another big favorite!) S.M.F and of course the Twisted Sister anthems that no TS show could ever be without: I Wanna Rock and We’re Not Gonna Take It.

The Graspop-crowd loved Twisted Sister – so much that when he introduced the headliners of the evening – Limp Bizkit, people booed…!

We went backstage after the show cause Limp Bizkit apparently didn’t allow anyone back there when they were preparing for their gig. Rob escorted us back to the artist room and the Twisted Sister band+crew, plus the Adrenaline Mob-guys had just ordered pizza – so there was a PILE of pizza boxes in there!

Vera stopped Dee as he was passing by, cause she felt she wanted to tell him how much he had affected her life with his writings and his music. Dee was super-cool, really took time to listen. There’s just something with his whole persona that makes you like him and respect him. He is tall and walks straight, he is confident without being arrogant, and he’s very bright. 

One of the Twisted Sister guys brought me a glass of white wine in a champagne-glass, but I couldn’t drink it – I was driving. :-( I tried a little sip though and regretted even MORE that I was driving because the wine was fantastic! So the guy got up, went back to the room where he got me the glass of wine and came back with a whole bottle of it. “Here you are, you can have a bottle. Nobody’s gonna drink that now anyway, we’re leaving as soon as they’re done here….”. 

[Gift from the Twisted Sister-guys – we couldn’t even keep it]


At first I was happy about the gift – then I realized that I couldn’t take it home because I wasn’t checking in any luggage and you can’t bring a bottle of wine on board in your carry-on. So…. we had to leave that great wine to whoever cleaned the AVIS-rental car the next day! :-(

We couldn’t even get out to the buses and vans because the whole area was closed until Limp Bizkit started playing. So we were just hanging there, and I was checking my Twitter on the Graspop artist-WiFi. Mike Portnoy was doing the same. Suddenly one of his Tweets showed up on my Twitter-timeline. I laughed and said “You just Tweeted!”. He leaned over to check my phone “Oh, it’s up now? Can I see how it looks on your cell?” Total nerding, lol!

If you think that people are partying and taking drugs and screwing groupies backstage in 2012 – forget it. They are TWEETING and updating their FACEBOOK-statuses! :-)

[Empty backstage-area, everybody’s leaving for the next gig]


When they finally opened the parking we went with everybody to the buses and vans to say goodbye and then continue on our own way back to the hotel. Said byebye to Rob who was really a cool and generous guy – we had a great time thanks to him. AND – he had worked for Lita Ford too, that gives him a few extra points in my book, lol! :)

The NEXT day (Sunday, last Graspop-day) was just RAINY – I’m surprised I didn’t get sick after that ordeal:


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The long and the short of it [About me]

When I launched this blog I pretty much thought that most of my readers would be the loyal people who have been following me for years.

Some of you have been with me since the “pre-internet”-days, when I wrote for various newspapers and magazines and had my radio-show and everything else.

Or maybe you’ve been reading Sweden Rock Magazine the past 10 years, then you’ve probably read my articles and reviews there.

Some of you joined back in 1996 when I got my first website online, and some of you discovered and rediscovered my writings through my very active MySpace-blog 2006->.

If you’ve been with me that long, you have a pretty good idea who I am and what I do.
But when I see the blog-statistics for this blog, my jaw drops! Hundreds of new people end up here every day and the number of regular readers is increasing day by day. It’s such a great feeling to see that people like it,
However… maybe an introduction of the person behind the blog might be appropriate.:-)

So….here’s the “About me”-section, the long and the short version.



I’ve lived for music for as long as I can remember. I’m still a dedicated fan of bands and the whole rock’n’roll lifestyle.

You will find me anywhere in the world where there’s a good band playing – or somewhere at a local joint checking out an up-and-coming new act.

I believe in doing things passionately and I love music and writing as much now as I did when I was 18. The blog is a way to share some of my memories with everybody who live and breathe music– whether they’re fans, musicians or managers, from across the globe.


1988 – Started out as a hard rock reporter for Swedish newspaper Kvällsposten.
I was 18.
1990-1995 – Editor of FICK-Journalen, music pages of weekly Hemmets Journal (while still working for Kvällsposten and freelancing for other magazines).
1989 – Hosted my own hard rock radio show at Radio MCB.
1992 TV-hostess for RockShow.
1991-2000 Free lancer for Metal Zone, Heavy Mental, Zero, Kool Kat News, Arbetet, OKEJ and many other music magazines and newspapers.
1998-2000 – Launched and managed hard rock club Hard Break. Bandbooking. PR, DJ, hostess and more.
2001->(current) Sweden Rock Magazine

….and even more…

Been singing with melodic rock/progressive rock band Spirit and as solo artist.

female rockers Modesty Blaise and Seventeen (whose frontman Chris Laney has become a succesful producer at Polar Studios in Stocholm as well as a great songwriter, guitarist and singer for various hard rock acts).

Featured in Neil Daniel’s book about hard rock journalists “All Pens Blazing” vol.1. Also credited in the unofficial Judas Priest-biography “Defenders of the Faith” for contributing w. info.

Currently writing for Sweden Rock Magazine and hosting my own blog In The Rearview Mirror – found at www.lita77777.posterous.com



I was 18 and bursting of ideas, dreams, expectations, energy – life was ahead of me and I knew where I wanted to go, what I wanted to do. I had a dream and I was aiming for it.

I used to write to one of Sweden’s major evening papers, Kvällsposten, on a regular basis, just to get noticed. I had been writing letters to the editor since I was 10 years old and back in those days, it wasn’t easy to get published. So many people had something to say but space was limited. (Yes, how did we ever survive the pre-internet era??)

But I got used to having my letters published almost every time. It made me confident at an early age, that if there was anything I was good at, it was writing.

That’s what I wanted to do. Write about music – my greatest love of all. :-)

In 1988 I sent a letter to Kvällsposten, again, asking them to bring me along if they had any plans to interview Yngwie Malmsteen, who was playing at Olympen in Lund that year. I wanted to see a music reporter in action, learn from him/her, then go to the University and get a degree in journalism, and then start my career as a music journalist. I had it all figured out.

It was like walking into a temple when I walked through the doors to Kvällsposten’s impressive building that day. I saw the editorial staff all busy writing, there were records and press-releases everywhere, stuff from record companies, info.. All the stuff that would end up in the paper eventually. Holy shit. It was a big deal to an 18-year old who was nursing a dream to do exactly what these reporters were doing.

When they saw me walking in with my Yngwie Malmsteen t-shirt, I heard one of the reporters, Pär Hägred, go: Hello Daniela! You’re the one who’s been writing to us, right?! Apparently, they loved reading my letters. Everybody up there had read them, I was somewhat of a “celebrity” and I didn’t even know.

Will be updated.
Check my Twitter, MySpace and Facebook pages for updates!

Ozzy is still alive

Words seen on Twitter last night: R.I.P Ozzy Osbourne…

I started shaking when I saw that. I could litterally feel the cut to my heart, the shock that felt like it slapped me in the face!

You should never believe shit you read on the internet without questioning it, but even if it hadn’t been true – this time – just seeing the words was horrifying.

It couldn’t be true, but what it if was? When Gary Moore passed recently, I couldn’t believe it either.
First there was only one source sharing the news and I chose to believe that it was just some sort of sick hoax. But it didn’t take long before it was confirmed from other, more trustworthy sources and it dawned on us all that yet another one of our heroes had left us.

This is what’s happening now, and we will see more of it in the years to come.
Our idols, who are like family to those of us who grew up with their music, are leaving this earth one by one. They get older, die of illness, accidents or age.
Ozzy, with his 62 years of age and anything but healthy background, would definitely be one of those who ought to be at risk.

The anxiety that I felt during the thirty minutes that I spent checking Twitter and other sources for possible more info…was ridiculous. I had to get peace of mind, find out for sure what was true and what wasn’t.

Thank god Sharon Osbourne had something to share on Twitter during that time, that had NOTHING to do with the macabre “news”. I could finally relax.

But I was still sick to my stomach. I felt physically upset for the rest of the evening and ended up going to bed early.

Minutes after Sharon’s Twitter-message, I heard back from the person who had gone out with the macabre “news”:

– HAHA! April fools!!

What – the………
I was so PISSED OFF…!!! I have never been angry with this person before, ever. Never thought I’d even have a reason to, but I was so mad that I couldn’t even talk.
If I could have hit something or someone in that very moment….
What the F****!!!!!???

What the hell is wrong with people?! That is just so fucking retarded! Not funny by any means, in any way, for any reason. I had to leave the computer for a few just to try to calm down, cause I was so upset.

Nowadays I realize how precious those “last moments” are with our heroes.
Didn’t we all think that Dio – the Man on the Silver Mountain, the King of Rock’n’Roll, would live forever? Don’t they all feel immortal?

I cried all day when I heard the news that he lost his battle against cancer.I will always remember when I heard it, where I was and how I felt that day. It was such a shock.

I almost started crying on the train the other day when “The Last in Line” started playing in my iPod. We will never hear Ronnie sing for us live again.
The only thing that’s left of him is his legacy, the songs he gave us.
It just breaks my heart. 

[Me and Ronnie, Malmo, Radisson Hotel, late 90’s]

The worst thing I can imagine, would be seeing the words “R.I.P Rob Halford” on Twitter, at any time. I can’t even get into it. It’s just so strange how these people are a huge part of your life and your whole identity in a way.

It’s not easy realizing that they are not immortal, they will all die in the coming 20, 30 years…
Remember how fast 20 years passed…? It was only 20 years ago that Skid Row released “Slave To The Grind” for instance. I still remember that very clearly.

My point is that eventhough we feel that the legends will go on for all time and eternity – they won’t. This is a time we should treasure and not take for granted.

People are shaking their heads when i say how many shows and festivals I will be going to this summer. But when Judas Priest announced this tour as their “Epitath“-tour (whether or not it’s true…) I didn’t want to miss a minute of it.

And Ozzy is Ozzy. Period.

I love these people and their music, it pisses me off when I see tasteless jokes, I’m still mad, what the f***, I don’t even see the funny part in that “April fools”-crap from yesterday.

Or maybe I’m just too sensitive..??